How To Do Havan At Home Without Pandit & The Havan Mantras

According to our Vedic Scriptures, Havan should be the most important rite of our daily activities. As brushing your teeth and taking a bath is the first thing we do in the morning, Havan should also be done regularly.

Homa/agnihotra/Havan means making offerings to the fire; these are oblations to the devas and other celestial beings. It is basically the power of Deva Yajna. In this way, we pay off our debt for the blessings received from the devas.

How to do havan at home

If you read the Bhagavad Gita (3:10–13), Lord Krishna says, ‘In ancient times, having created mankind together with this yajna, the Lord of Creation said: ‘By this yajna, you shall propagate. Let this yajna be the fulfiller of all your desires. You shall nourish the devas, the shining ones, by this yajna, and may the devas nourish you. Thus, nourishing one another, you shall reap the highest good. For, nourished by yajna, the devas shall bestow on you the enjoyments that you desire. He is a thief who enjoys what is given by the devas without returning anything to them.’

Don’t you think that we should start performing our daily rite of Havan from today itself? Here is how you can perform Havan at home without the help of a priest.

How To Perform Havan

How to do havan at home

  • Wake up in the morning and take a bath.
  • Perform your daily prayer activities and then draw a square mandala on the floor with rice powder and write the symbol of Om and that of the deity in the middle.
  • On the right side establish a copper vessel filled with water and topped with mango leaves, and a coconut.
  • Offer the prayer to Lord Ganesha and then to the deity.
  • Use Turmeric powder to spread it over the mandala, and make food offerings around the pot to the deity.
  • Have some sand in Kund. And now arrange 3–4 pieces of wood above it. Pour some ghee in wood. Arrange some camphor in it.
  • Have water in ur right hand. And recite ‘OM AMRTIO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA’ and drink the water.
  • Again take water in right hand & recite ‘OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA’ & drink the water.
  • Again repeat same & recite ‘OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA’ & drink the water.
  • Wash your hand & burn the fire with a matchstick.
  • Offer ghee to it, 108 times while repeating the mantra of the deity.
  • This is followed by the recitation of Vedic mantras. [REFER BELOW FOR MANTRAS]
  • Keep offering a mixture(Ahuti) of certain samagris while reciting the Vedic Mantras. The Samagris would include Sesame seed(til), Oat(jaun), Panchmeva, Sandalwood(chandan), Jaggery(desi khand), hawan samgri(refer this article), Guggul, Camphor(kapur).
  • During the end of your recitations put a coconut filled with ghee into the fire. (Om poornam-adah poornam-idah poorna-aat poornamvashishyate. Om poorna-asya poornam-aadaaya poornam-evaa vashishyate. Om shaanti shaanti shaanti swaha)
  • The ceremony is concluded with arati, the waving of lights with reverence, and Shanti mantras.
  • Follow the Vedic rule of donating every day after the Havan. Make sure you donate something to the needy on a daily basis. Havan is said to be incomplete without the act of donating.

You can read this article by TIMES OF INDIA on Havan – for bacteria-free homes.

Mantras To Chant While Performing Havan

How to do havan at home

Mantras have been mentioned in order of their recitation process:-

  1. Morning agnihotra mantra: Om sooryaya swaha, sooryaya idam na mama Om prajapataye swaha, prajapataye idam na mama
  2. Evening agnihotra mantra: Om agnaye swaha, agnaye idam na mama Om prajapataye swaha, prajapataye idam na mama
  3. Ganesh mantra: Om shri Ganeshay Namah Swaha
  4. Guru Mantra: Om gram grim graum sah guruve namah
  5. Gayatri Mantra: Om bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varen(i)yam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat swaha
  6. Nav Graha Mantra and Indra Mantra:

    Om Indraye Namah Idam Indraye Ityaghora Swaha

    Om suryaye namah idam suryaye swaha

    Om chandraye namah idam chandraye swaha

    Om mangalay namah idam mangalay swaha

    Om buddhaye namah idam budhay swaha

    Om guruwe namah idam Guruwe swaha

    Om shukraye namah idam shukraye swaha

    Om shanaye namah idam shanaye swaha

    Om rahve namah idam rahve swaha

    Om ketuve namah idam ketuve swaha

  7. Hanuman and Bhairav Mantra:

    Om Hum hanumate Rudratmakaye hum phat swaha

    Om Kaal bhairavay namah swaha

  8. Your own Isht Devi and Isht Dev Mantra

  9. Panch Tatva Mantra: Om Prithvi namah(earth), apas namah(water), tejas namh(light), maruta namah(wind), aakashay namah(sky) swaha

  10. Maa Kali Mantra: Om krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim dakshine kalike krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim swaha

    Om jayanti mangala kali bhadra kali kapalini durga shama shiva dhatri swaha swadha namostute swaha

  11. Pitra Mantra:

    Om Isht devi devayee namah swaha

    Om Gram devi devayee namah swaha

    Om kul devi devayee namah swaha

    Om bhumi devi devayee namah swaha

    Om sarva devi devayee namah swaha

  12. After Aarti ring the bell, blow the conch shell and then recite the below Mantra:

    Na Matram No Yantram Tad-Api Ca Na Jaane Stutim-Aho
    Na Ca-[A]ahvaanam Dhyaanam Tad-Api Ca Na Jaane Stuti-Kathaah |
    Na Jaane Mudraas-Te Tad-Api Ca Na Jaane Vilapanam
    Param Jaane Maatas-Tvad-Anusarannam Klesha-Harannam ||1||

    Vidher-Ajnyaanena Dravinna-Virahenna-Alasatayaa
    Vidheya-Ashakyatvaat-Tava Carannayoryaa Cyutir-Abhuut |
    Tad-Etat Kssantavyam Janani Sakalo ddhaarinni Shive
    Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati ||2||

    Prthivyaam Putraas-Te Janani Bahavah Santi Saralaah
    Param Tessaam Madhye Virala-Taralo ham Tava Sutah |
    Madiiyo-[A]yam Tyaagah Samucitam-Idam No Tava Shive
    Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati ||3||

    Jaganmaatar-Maatas-Tava Caranna-Sevaa Na Racitaa
    Na Vaa Dattam Devi Dravinnam-Api Bhuuyas-Tava Mayaa |
    Tathaa-[A]pi Tvam Sneham Mayi Nirupamam Yat-Prakurusse
    Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati ||4||

    Parityaktaa Devaa Vividha-Vidha-Sevaa-Kulatayaa
    Mayaa Pan.caashiiter-Adhikam-Apaniite Tu Vayasi |
    Idaaniim Cenmaatas-Tava Yadi Krpaa Na-Api Bhavitaa
    Niraalambo Lambodara-Janani Kam Yaami Sharannam ||5||

    Shvapaako Jalpaako Bhavati Madhupaako pama-Giraa
    Niraatangko Rangko Viharati Ciram Kotti-Kanakaih |
    Tava-Aparnne Karnne Vishati Manu-Varnne Phalam-Idam
    Janah Ko Jaaniite Janani Japaniiyam Japa-Vidhau ||6||

    Citaa-Bhasmaa-Lepo Garalam-Ashanam Dik-Patta-Dharo
    Jattaa-Dhaarii Kanntthe Bhujaga-Pati-Haarii Pashupatih |
    Kapaalii Bhuutesho Bhajati Jagadiishai[a-E]ka-Padaviim
    Bhavaani Tvat-Paanni-Grahanna-Paripaattii-Phalam-Idam ||7|

    Na Mokssasya-[A]akaangkssaa Bhava-Vibhava-Vaan.chaa-[A]pi Ca Na Me
    Na Vijnyaana-Apekssaa Shashi-Mukhi Sukhe[a-I]ccha-Api Na Punah |
    Atas-Tvaam Samyaace Janani Jananam Yaatu Mama Vai
    Mrddaanii Rudraannii Shiva Shiva Bhavaani-Iti Japatah ||8||

    Na-[A]araadhitaasi Vidhinaa Vividho[a-U]pacaaraih
    Kim Rukssa-Cintana-Parair-Na Krtam Vacobhih |
    Shyaame Tvameva Yadi Kin.cana Mayy-Anaathe
    Dhatse Krpaam-Ucitam-Amba Param Tavai[a-E]va ||9||

    apatsu Magnah Smarannam Tvadiiyam
    Karomi Durge Karunnaa-[A]rnnav[a-Ii]eshi |
    Nai[a-E]tac-Chattha-Tvam Mama Bhaavayethaa Kssudhaa-Trssaa-[Aa]rtaa Jananiim Smaranti ||10||

    Jagadamba Vicitram-Atra Kim
    Paripuurnnaa Karunnaa-[A]sti Cenmayi |
    Na Hi Maataa Samupekssate Sutam ||11||

    Matsamah Paatakii Naasti Paapa-Ghnii Tvatsamaa Na Hi |
    Evam Jnyaatvaa Mahaadevi Yathaa-Yogyam Tathaa Kuru ||12||

    Source of Mantras: Kalicharan nayal from Quora

Try this and you will for sure feel the difference in your life and environment.

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    ॥ Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Puurnnam-Udacyate | Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate || Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||


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