How To Grab Lord Krishna’s Attention?

Is getting Lord Krishna’s attention that easy? Will God listen to all your needs just like that?

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Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

All of you must have heard about Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He is considered as a Demigod by many people. His highest level of devotion and obligation towards Lord Krishna was extremely appreciable and awe-inspiring. He is the man behind the preaching and propagation of ‘The Bhagavad Gita’.

A person who does not complain

How to get God's attention

Life is full of possibilities and so are the incidents in our daily life. Sometimes we may get happiness in things we had never expected and sometimes uncertain sadness may prevail our days. But, Sri Chaitanya says that you should always be satisfied with whatever we have. Sad days are here to leave one day and happy days are also here to leave one day. We should not complain about anything we have or we desire to have. A person who keeps on complaining is never paid attention by God.


How to get God's attention

You should have an idea about things which are wrong or right. Never get involved in wrong activities, never hurt anybody nor promote antisocial beliefs. Being faultless will automatically lead you to a state of mind which connects you to the impossibles.


How to get God's attention

Being kind and helpful to the ones who are needy makes you pass in the greatest test of humanity. Kindness is the path to reach the Lord and feel his presence.

Aware that everything belongs to Lord Krishna

How to get God's attentionHow to get God's attention

We take birth in this world without even a single piece of cloth and so do we die. Nothing from this world, can we take along with us after death. The only things which will go with us are the deeds we do in the precious lifespan we are gifted by God. Hence, considering everything you have to be the Lord’s will help you stay clean from your soul.

Behaves equally to everyone

How to get God's attention

Equality, brotherhood, and selfishness are factors which when achieved by you will enable God to be your fan. Yes!!!! It is not a joke. These seem to be the most difficult to eradicate, attributes of a human being and so are its effects that dangerous.


How to get God's attention

It is believed that charity will increase the positive energies around you and will always make yourself stay in a peace of mind.


How to get God's attention

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a poet! Rather means that you should understand the inner beautiful meaning of what life is. Only a person with a poetic bent of mind can analyze the deeper truths of life.


How to get God's attention

Maintaining your dignity and level of excitement will enable you to stay controlled even in extremely alluring situations. Leaving behind Moha and Lobha will make you a perfect person.

Expert in his own field

How to get God's attention

Whatever occupation you do for a living should be admired by yourself first. Give respect to the work you do and the world will bow to you!


How to get God's attention

Silence speaks a lot of words! Well, somebody quoted this so right. Speak only when necessary and open your mouth to preach the most valuable and positive things.

A friend to all

How to get God's attention

The word ‘Enemy’ can be the biggest enemy of your own life. Feel it to yourself the power of eradicating this nature from your soul. Being friends with everybody will lead you to the right path and make your life much beautiful than ever.


How to get God's attention

Giving up all the dirty thoughts which even includes the thinking of bad for others will make your soul the cleanest.

Free of desires

How to get God's attention

Desires – Desires and Desires. This term will never end and nor will it stop eating your inner self. The day you learn how to stay away from this word, I bet you will be the happiest person in existence.


How to get God's attention

Even an ant which is a very small insect and can be squeezed to death within no time – needs to be respected. The tree which stands still in some corner also needs the respect. Respect every living and nonliving thing and you will be close to the supreme power.

Not Materialistic

How to get God's attention

As said earlier leave the desire of materialistic things as we would take none with us after death. The only thing we would carry would be our ‘Karma’.


How to get God's attention

Always have one aim in your life till the end dawns you. PEACE…. This word has the magic and can make magic happen. Where there’s peace there’s life!

Shri Chaitanya in his holy book “Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita” had mentioned these golden points which when followed, will for sure make any human being come to the attention of Lord Krishna. His categorization of the characters a person should possess to act as an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna is a must try.


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