How To Please Shani Dev ?

At the time of birth of a Hindu child, the position of his astrological planets is determined, to have an account of his future. Hindus give high importance to the effect of planets on one’s life. Saturn or Shani is one such planet, which is feared the most. It is considered the bearer of bad luck.

Shani is often blamed for bringing bad luck and troubles. He has been one of the most feared planets in Hindu mythology and it is known to show no mercy for one’s sins. Surya Dev or Sun God had two sons, Yama and Shani. His mother was Chhaya, and hence is also known as Chhayaputra. Shani Dev represents the planet Saturn and is the lord of Saturdays. His elder brother Yama, is also known as God of death. While Yama, gives the results of one’s deeds after death, Shani is known to give one the fruits of his deeds in his present life itself.

Lord Shani Puja

Astrologically, when Shani is in close proximity of the Moon, its said have started a reign of seven and a half years over the person’s birth chart, also known as Shani sade-sati. According to Vedic astrology, this period is considered a troublesome time for one’s life. This person may face a lot of challenges, may face failure, accidents, health and money related problems. They also regard this period as a life changing one.

But contrary to popular belief, Shani is more easily pleased that any other graha.  Because of his apparent strict behavior, he owns a bad reputation. But due to this strict nature, he is controlling future bad behavior and frees oneself from sin. Shani Puja is done to appease Shani dev and to reduce hardships faced by one during shani sade-sati. This puja nullifies the malefic effect of Shani as far as possible.

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Shani Puja  

Lord Shani Puja

In Hinduism, Puja is a sacred practice of honor, reverence, adoration, and worship from the devotee to God. For puja, one needs to have a devoted heart filled with love for the divine. A puja consists of dhyana (meditation), tapa (austerity), mantra (chanting), svadhyaya (reading of scriptures), thaal (offerings), and panchanga or ashtanga pranama, dandavat (prostrations).

Shani puja or Saturn worship pacifies the hardships to be faced by one during this tough time. It is highly recommended to people going through Shani sade-sati. It is advised to chant Shani Mantra facing west, observing fast on Saturday and eating Khichri made of rice and black urad dal after sunset.

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Lord Shani Puja

The Mantra is: “Aum Aing Hring Shring Shung Shanaishcharaye Namaha: Aum”

People fear Shani more than they fear his brother Yama, the God of death. While Shani is known to reward or punish one for his deeds during his life; Yama is said to judge sinners in their after-life.

People perform Shani puja, to the best of their abilities on days specifically devoted to Shani dev. These days are Saturdays, Shani jayanti, shani amavasya, shani trayodashi.

Praying to Shani Dev on Saturdays is considered to bring the malefic effects of sade-sati period.

Expressing true devotion to Shani Dev helps solve all problems relating to health, family life, mind, money, and work. Nevertheless, this period of Shani sade-sati, will always have a reputation of being a tough time, when everything supposedly will go wrong.  It is seen as both a destroyer and a giver. Worshipping Shani sincerely blesses one with a life sans obstructions, and fulfillment of all wishes.

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