How Will You Die? Time to explore..

“Death – the most feared and uncertain happening which every living being faces”. Every other day we hear about people demising. Some die old, some get sick, some die unnaturally and some kill themselves.

The death of a person directly or indirectly depends on the characteristics of the concerned person. Analyzing his choices, his thinking perspective, his personality traits and much more may lead us to how the person’s life will end. The below mentioned incidents may not be true for everyone but commonly caters to the characteristics depending on their Zodiac Sign.






Aries always live carefree. They love adventure and thrill. For them death is gonna come suddenly. It would probably be like a expiration celebration. Yes! It may be a jet ski, motorcycle, or in the middle of a roller coaster ride. As they lived, so they will die: enthusiastically and without caution.






Taurus has a cute attitude towards life. They live as they look. They love collecting stuff and digging into the root of everything. There fascination towards such objects makes them gather up stuff like germs. So basically Taurus will collect a huge lot of diseases and hence there body will stop defending. Getting death due to your passion is the best one ever.






Geminis are curious by nature and love exploring things and situations. They do not think twice before approaching or touching something. For them there hands never stop when they see something interesting. If you take them on a date to the zoo, they’ll reach into the bars of the monkey house and get their hands ripped off. So, meeting an accident and bleeding too much to death may be there way.






Cancer, you are entirely too self-reliant. You probably consider that you know everything and whatever you do is always right. But a lot of people are actually way more capable than you. Your attitude says that you may end up your life tackling a task you think you can, but actually are wrong. For example it may be like fixing a hole in your roof because “everyone’s trying to rip you off,” or taking self-prescribed mood changers because “therapy is too expensive.” So, do only those things which you are capable of.






Leo is said to be a self solving sign. You just love yourself like anything. You know it well that You’re really, really, really attractive and hence are proud of it. Beware of those good looks though; that may be the cause of your sad demise. You’re more likely to kick it taking a selfie while crossing an intersection, or flipping that gorgeous mane of yours over your shoulder ,right into the closing doors of a subway car. Awww sad! Don’t worry just avoid praising your beauty everywhere. Limit it to places where there are no risks.






Virgo’s are said to be the strongest and clever among all. They don’t wear emotions on their sleeves and do not prefer throwing tantrums. They always put up there elegant and cool personality. But in reality, they are very emotional from within. Virgos’s will probably wear all the emotions inside there body in the form of hives, headaches, or indigestion. All this will turn into cancer and choke you to death! Consider having certain trusted friends and relatives with whom you can share your feelings.






Libra you are way too romantic. You just live, breath, sing, dance LOVE. You just get too involved in your love life. You get emotionally stressed when some negativity arises in your relationship and tend to get very depressed. Love is actually NOT all that you need, Libra. You also need logic, so you don’t end up dying like a sad sack of shit in a co-dependent story book only teenagers can relate to.






Scorpio’s are always the clever ones. They just enjoy life and do not fear death. They live everyday as if its there last one. They face deadly situations but never reach till the end. They probably learn how to take rebirth from a bad experience. Usually there strong will keeps them alive for long and they die old.






Travelling is the only thing you always desire for. Interacting with different people, trying different cuisine and seeing new places is your passion. There are places you can visit where you won’t die of typhoid, jungle hemorrhoids or hypothermia so just be choosy about your travel destinations. You are such a person who won’t be satisfied until you’ve been starved to the point of cannibalism, so we can all enjoy the next dying-on-a-mountain movie made about your life.






Capricorn you are portrayed as a cold and shrewd person. But, the worst part is that whatever you have done, it is all for these people. If you don’t express your true feelings ever, how will people get to see how kind you actually are. You will always be cribbing about being alone and not being loved by people. Or, you could spend your whole life never believing anyone TRULY loves you, and faking your own death to test your theory. The results will kill you, regardless of how many people show up






Aquarians are usually suspicious. They cling to there past experiences and hold back all there future tasks as well. Your precious independence and suspicious mentality will make your life like that of a beautiful stallions, wild and free but will also make your death a little lonely.






Pisces seems to be at the romantic font. You are a dedicated and loyal soul. You will always go out of the blue to satisfy and keep your spouse or love happy. But, the thing to worry is that you totally forget to take care of yourself and your choices. This behavior of yours is a slow poison and will start rotting you from inside. So, love your spouse and family but please take care of yourself as well.



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