Important Rituals to Follow on Krishna Janmashtami

Lord Krishna is one of the adorable gods of Hindu Mythology and the most endearing chocolaty son has his birthday coming on the way. The world is preparing for a big festivity on Krishna Janmashtami to make the celebration a special occasion. It is not only celebrated in India but also a great splendour observance worldwide. People witness the majestic grandeur in a joyful and exuberant way all around the corners during this festival. On this account, Lord Krishna is venerated enthusiastically at innumerable Krishna temples/pilgrimages from midnight till his Janam time; because it is a belief that Lord Krishna was born on an un-illuminated, blustery, and stormy night.

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It is a time to know a lot more about the rituals and the traditional ceremonies for Krishna Janmashtami.

Ceremonial Rituals to follow on Krishna Janmashtami

Rituals to follow on Krishna Janmashtami
  • On this auspicious day; people throw huge processions, decorate cascades. And carry remarkable chariots on the name of Lord Krishna to witness his most adorable glances in a form of baby krishna- ladoo gopala.
  • Krishna Janmashtami is a very important day in Hindu mythology. It is reverenced with chanting mantras, arti, slokas, and traditional pujas with religious set of rituals among the devotees.
  • Krishna followers also keep themselves awake till midnight to pray Lord Krishna with intense lively religious worship and cheerfulness.
  • Temples, religious places, houses should be decorated extremely well with countless jhankis, tableau and wonderful images of baby lord Krishna.
  • Night long rituals are conducted and sundry religious as well as devotional songs are sung inside in the temples, followed by traditional group dances.
  • A strict fast is also observed on the foregoing day of Krishna Janmashtami until midnight.
  • Earthen pots (makkhan- matki) of milk, curd from long bamboos are also hung in the streets near the temples and the people throng together to form a human pyramid to break pots in a peculiar way.
  • Just before his janam, Baby Krishna is given a traditional bath with gangajal- holy water and milk; then embellished with multiple comely dresses along with accessories.
  • Luscious sweetmeats and mouth-watering delicacies are also made for bhog and prasad during the birth celebration; and are eaten after the Janam exuberance.
  • During Lord’s Birth gaiety Krishna Janmashtami, the most revered Hindu divinity; Laddo Gopala is adorned with beauteous outfits and various ornaments including flower tiara, bangles, anklets, flutes and some other.
Vasudev carrying Lord Krishna in Yamuna river

Krishna Janmashtami is a birth commemoration of God; who is not only famous for his humanity and good deeds but also memorialized for playing an absolutely essential role on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during ‘The Mahabharata’ War.


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