Indian Marriages And The Quirky Superstitions

Indian wedding is all about a bonding between two families and not just a marriage. It is more about socializing and giving blessings to the newlywed couple. The rituals and the functions which happen are quite lengthy and extravagant but are fun to perform. Among all these rituals having so many mythological significance’s, there are certain happenings which have been a part of superstition since ages. These superstitions and beliefs are interesting, based in religion or just plain quirky!


We have jotted down a few interesting one’s for you!


Darker the Mehendi, the luckier the bride




People believe that the color of the Heena put on the bride’s hand and legs decide the love she will receive from her husband. The darker the color the more loving her spouse and her in laws will be towards her. That’s weird but is strongly believed by many.


Spilling of Milk




It’s important to observe the boiling milk in the house where a wedding is happening. It is believed that during the time of wedding, family members must be careful while boiling milk. It is said that spilling of milk before or after the big day signals some misfortune.


Rain on the wedding day




In general no one would want their marriage arrangements to be spoilt by rain. But weirdly enough certain cultures consider rain to be auspicious. Some believe that it alludes to fertility and a good omen of many children, in the same way the rain helps a farmer by yielding him a bountiful crop! On a similar note, snow on your wedding day is also believed to be a sign of wealth and fertility.


Lending your wedding dress




Wedding dress is always a costly affair as it is worn just once but has a huge investment attached. Some think of lending it to others but then Hindu culture says a big NO for it. It is believed that lending your wedding dress brings prosperity for the borrower but bad omen for you.


Throwing rice at the bride and groom




Rice is considered very auspicious in all the rituals performed in Hinduism. In marriages many must have seen people throwing rice grains at the bride and groom. It is believed that rice grains are a symbol of abundance and fertility. Some cultures also believe it will also protect the couple from evil spirits!


Wearing earrings in your marriage




Wearing earrings is a must in your D-day. It is said that it brings happiness for your married life and prevents bad omens.


Do not create your own bridal dress.




Making own wedding outfit is thought to be unlucky for the to-be-bride.


Falling of the kaleere




Red and golden ornaments are tied in the chuda the bride wears. After this, the bride moves her hand over the head of the unmarried girls and boys. It is said that if kaleerein falls on someone’s head, then that person will be next in the line to get married.


Tossing the bridal bouquet




In this fun tradition the bride calls all her single female friends and relatives and throws her bouquet toward them over her shoulder. It is said that the one to catch the bouquet would be the next one to get married.


The person who will find the ring will dominate




This one is interesting! You must have for sure seen this game happening between a bride and groom in movies. Well, this is fun! The bride or the groom whoever finds the ring first from the bowl of milk and flowers will be the one who will dominate.


Good or bad sight




On your wedding day, if you see a black cat or a rainbow then it is considered to be a good luck. But, spotting an open grave, lizard or a pig is a bad fortune.


Your cooking skills are to be flaunted for your in laws




The immediate next day of the marriage, the family of the in laws waits for the bride to serve them food. The bride needs to prepare good food and this will decide how she can manage her home.


Do not light candles




Lighting of a candle during a wedding is believed to be a bad sign. It indicates the presence of an evil spirit nearby.

The bride should carry a knife




Usually among Punjabis the to-be bride is given a knife to carry after her engagement till the time she gets married. It is believed that the object will protect the bride from evil and/or negative spirits.


Entering your Husband’s house by kicking a Kalash




This act is considered auspicious and termed as Lakshmi entering the house. The bride is considered to be unlucky if she enters the new house with her left foot first.


Arrival of a full moon




If there is a full moon one or two days before your wedding day, then your married life is said to be very lucky and full of happiness.


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