Indian Parents Never Name Their Children These Mythological Names!

Parents need to be very careful while choosing a name for their babies. There are a number of consequences that the majority of new parents ignore in the first place and create problems for no reasons. To be honest, this is the most important decision they will take for their children with which their kids will have to live the rest of their life.

People strongly believe that certain names bring luck and happiness to their kids. Especially mythological names seem to have a great deal of positivism in them. Names like Ram, Sita, Arjuna, Lakshmi, Krishna, Saraswati based on the Ramayana, Mahabharata and religious deities are very much prevalent among Hindus. But, certain mythological names are such that people do not even think of assigning it to their children. These are those mythological characters because of which we had a story to listen at – the evil ones; the destroyers and the defamers. Let’s check out these mythological characters which parents would never prefer to name their babies.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


Well! Everyone knows him! He is the most famous among all the evil characters. The wisest demon in entire Hindu Mythology. He had kidnapped Goddess Sita – wife of Lord Ram and finally had had a intense war with Shri Ram. Although he was considered to be a great scholar and a true disciple of Lord Shiva and many do not consider him as evil, he is held as an epitome of unrighteousness in the religious Puranas.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


The most cruel uncle ever! Kansa was a demon king and was uncle to our beloved Lord Krishna. According to a supernatural prophecy Kansa’s sisters eighth child would be his killer. He was so self obsessed that he jailed his own sister and brother in law. He tried in every possible way to kill his little nephew but was finally defended by Krishna, hence fulfilling the prophecy.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


Oh my God! I still remember hating him in the Mahabharata serial featured in Star plus. The brother of Gandhari, and prince of Gandhara was the most negative character in entire Mahabharata. You can say that he was the mastermind behind the greatest war. He had the sharpest mind ever and used to divert the sons of Gandhari against the Pandavas.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


The eldest son of King Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur and Gandhari. Duryodhana was extremely self obsessed and could not tolerate his cousins- the Pandavas. He wanted the throne of the kingdom to himself at any cost and was hence ready to kill the Pandavas. He conspired in every possible way to defame them and kick them out of the kingdom. During his birth, the sages were anxious as there were several ill-omened signs. They even advised Gandhari to abort the child as they predicted he’ll cause misfortune to many, but she didn’t. Mahabharata would have never happened had Gandhari followed the advice of the sages.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


She was the helper of queen Kaikeyi, and used to stay with her in Ayodhya after Kaikeyi’s marriage to King Dasharatha. It was Manthara’s instigation that made Kaikeyi force Dasharatha to send Rama to exile and favor her son Bharata for the throne. The name ‘Manthara’ has, over the course of time, become synonymous with someone who conspires.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


The elegant form of evil! Wife of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya! It is believed that Kaikeyi was the most preferred wife of Dasharatha among the three. But, she took advantage of her status and sent Ram for the 14-year exile. It was her greed to secure the throne for her son Bharata that made her do this evil act. People say that it was the mother’s love that made her do so but reality is that because of her Lord Rama had to suffer and Sita got abducted.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


Sister of the asura King – Ravana. She was attracted towards Rama and Laxmana and made unwelcomed advances towards them. Laxmana chopped off her nose and hence she was humiliated. She went to her brother and started explaining the beauty of Sita and how she deserved to be the queen of Lanka. Enraged Ravana hence went and abducted Sita.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


He was son to Guru Dronacharya. Guru Dronacharya was the royal preceptor to the Kauravas and Pandavas and was too fond of his son. Aswathama had got the boon to be immortal but with time he became a negative soul. He got involved in antisocial activities along with the Kauravas and hence was doomed by Lord Krishna that he will live forever in pain.




Mythological names parents do not give their children


She was a princess and has been described as a very divine soul in Mahabharata. She was beautiful, loyal and a true friend to Lord Krishna. But, fate had all the wrong things for her. She had to divide her marital bliss among the five Pandavas, she was humiliated and the Kauravas tried to undress her, she couldn’t live the luxuries she had and had to stay in exile with her husbands. All the misfortunes in her life prevent parents from name their children the same.


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