The Knockout glance of the International Flower Festival

‘India is a country where every great festival finds a home’. Indian culture is rich in heritage and many sources elucidate it as “Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara which means the very first and the supreme culture in the world.

The beauty of India lies in the diversity of its people’. Indians exalt many exquisite festivals throughout the year. These Festivals bring in Positivity and exuberance all around. Populace acclaims this festivity with a mammoth zest and fervor with distinct rituals and traditional ceremonies. One of the acclaimed Festivals is international Flower Festival which is celebrated in Sikkim every year with much warmth and dedication.

Is it an International- Flower-Festival in Sikkim?

glance of the International Flower Festival

Yes, An International Flower Festival is acclaimed annually in the summer season at Sikkim state. Sikkim is supposed to be an eminent city in North East India. Being the largest city in North-Eastern region, it is circumscribed by giant mountains, paddy landscape and hued- flowers all around. Organized and managed by the Government of Sikkim every year.  This fascinating fauna fiesta is observed in the Month of May. It will be remarked from 1st May to 30th –May in 2020. During the International Floret Gala, beguiling diversities of flowers including- roses, cacti, alpine plants, creepers orchids, rhododendrons, ferns, herbs, gladioli, climbers etc. are exhibited winsomely. Flowers in Sikkim are way too striking, lively and eye-soothing, who would not say-YES to these flower- festivity in summers?

Special and veracious features about the Festival

About the pre-possessing Flowers:

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Each of them displays a special allure to the world. These florets are extremely dazzling, fragrant and are emerged from the Himalayan plants. Thirty categories of the flora can be found and exist in discrete Sikkim whereabouts. International Flower Festival collectively exhibits these non-identical and atypical varieties into a ‘Sea of Flowers’.

Authentic and Sterling Mouth-Watering Food Fair:

Apart from the divine Floweret Carnival, the local peeps organize veritable food stalls of toothsome Sikkim- delicacies, and cuisines. The specialty of this food fair is- exotic and aromatic MOMOs stuffed with heterogeneity fillings. Enjoy these mouth-watering foods and haute-cuisines that are perfect fusions of Sikkim’s Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese savors.

Photography is a sensational affair

International- Flower-Festival in Sikkim

Flowers are mysteriously attractive and imposing that one cannot control without clicking illustrations and impressions of blooms in the gardens. The clicks can blow your mind even more towards the heavenly nature and hillocks flora’s on the peaky mountains and narrow landscapes.

Yak Safari: A daredevil- Adventure on the Rocks

Yaks are beautiful creatures on the planet- Earth and are iconic symbols of Sikkim-city. Yaks Safari is patently a wonderful idea for experiencing the beauty of Hills and Mountains that are difficult to access. Sikkim is one of the places where backpackers can adventure a ride on a Yak.

The adventurous water activities- undeniably an additional amusement

Sikkim is itself a stupendous place and famed as an awe-inspiring hill-station. Globetrotters explore this phenomenal vicinity mostly in summers. Flower festival does not only display the bunch of flowers around, though it also encompasses adventure activities, such as White- Water Rafting in Teesta River. It is a perfect seeker’s and tripper’s enchant for those who all are deep-dyed enthusiasts for Water-Sports.

Informative seminars aren’t a bad idea

A perfect informative symposium is organized during the flower show. A chance to be a part of the conference and session can also be a good option for the tourers as it coaches us about the numerous breeds and species of plants throughout Sikkim region.

International- Flower-Festival in Sikkim

The nature admirers and botany fanatic can survey about non-Himalayans flowers and the varieties of bamboo that grows in Sikkim and can study: how they grow and photosynthesize?

India comes up with hued fairs, sacred observances and ritual- based festivals every year and each and every occasion attracts umpteen tourists from the distinct corners of the country.

This extremely impressive flower festival flaunts 500-600 different varieties of Orchids flower along with 40 different breeds of rhododendrons- flora. It is recommended to visit Sikkim for attending this extra- unique flower festival during summers for getting yourself refreshed and rejuvenated by the far-flung aroma of blossoms.


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