Is It PHOOLON KI HOLI(Holi with Flowers ) at Krishna’s Birth- Land Really?

Holi ushers in the vividly colorful, blooming and the greenest season- Spring and was first originated as an agricultural festival. Traditionally the colors used in Holi, better known as Gulal or Abeer came from flowers, herbs of tesu’ or ‘palash’ tree which in the hot climate of India tend to produce bright natural dyes/hues.  Mathura is prominent among devotees and local people as Lord- Krishna’s birth-land and Radha-Krishna’s sumptuous temples. Visitors come a long way to enjoy the taste of traditional sweet- lassi and to observe the special Holi Celebration in each corner of it.

PHOOLON KI HOLI(Holi with Flowers

It is a belief that the idea to celebrate this unique Holi was acclaimed from Braj region near to Mathura whereabouts and is now followed and admired by many religious communities and the states.

Bankey Bihari Temple is the best vicinity to enjoy the real glee of Holi with the colour of Flowers everywhere. When the city indulges itself in the preparation of Holi with Gulals, coloured- water balloons and splendid Pichkari, the very famous Bankey Bihari Mandir commemorates an absolute eye-catching Phoolon ki Holi or Holi with flowers everywhere. Bankey- Bihari- the enchanting manifestation of Lord Krishna along with his lovable partner-Radha are adorned beautifully with winsome flowers and freshly bloomed garlands for the jollifications of Phoolon Ki Holi. Phoolon Ki Holi is pre-dominantly observed on Ekadashi which falls few days prior to main Holi where local priests and peeps use only flowers and petals to play with each other. Ekadashi would happen on February 26th, 2018 this year. Around 4:00 P.M, Phoolon ki Holi gets started and thousands of admirers attend this sensational gala with peculiar verve and zing inside the premise.

PHOOLON KI HOLI(Holi with Flowers

The specialty about this beauteous floral festival is that – it is not celebrated with typical synthetic dry or wet colors, but with flowers and rose/lotus/marigold petals and hence this unique celebration got the name -Phoolon wali holi (Flowers’ Holi). Phoolon Ki Holi festivity is a short-lived event which lasts for only half n hours during which temple priests smear flowers on devotees and the worshippers indulge themselves in the color of Bankey- Bihari’s love and devotion.PHOOLON KI HOLI(Holi with Flowers

If you are planning to celebrate Holi this year with a big Bash and willing to capture each and every religious moment of it, Plan your trip for Mathura to enjoy Phoolon wali Holi (Holi with Flowers) or Ekadashi Holi. Make sure to come early and stay back a little longer to capture some big events before and after the main Holi festivity.

Please share your experience and do not forget to drop comments about the Holi celebration you had or would have. Wish you all in advance a very cheerful Holi.


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