Is the Re-gainer Of Ram Rajya already born?

Michel de Nostredame the great French astrologer had published a set of prophecies during 1555, which is about 500 years back. His first edition was ‘Les Propheties’ which was among his best editions.




Quite many of his predictions have proved to be true in the past starting from Hitler, Obama, Bush and many more. Among his predictions the most significant one was the future of India. You will be amazed to find his predictions related with the current happenings! SO LET’S START….


Written by the Prophet in French has been translated by the famous astrologer of Maharashtra, Dr. Ram Chandra Joshi.


“From the aquatic triplicity will be born .
One that will make Thursday as his holiday
Its noise, praise, rule and power will grow .
By land and sea to tempeste orients “


“The hero will march his base, crossing the Apennines to enter France,

Conquering the clouds and seas ice, All enemies will fall before his lance.

Paris will be taken after a fierce siege.”




‘A land between 3 water bodies from the east – INDIA’

‘His Holy Day will be Thursday – Indians consider Thursday as the most auspicious day’ (Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday)




A person will be born in India who will be ridiculed as well as praised across the globe. Among-st all these judgments he will strive and come to power with all his knowledge and wit.

He will be like a storm from east which will affect the whole world and conquer his way out. A war will be held under his guidance which will eradicate all the enemies from his way.

WAS THE FRENCH ASTROLOGER IMPLYING MR. NARENDRA MODI? Is he the clever leader born? Will he be the rescuer of the wounded Indians?

His current steps do imply so. Hope he comes out to be that great Hindu leader and make India reach heights, as predicted by Nostradamus. All the best wishes with him for his advancements.


Another one comes here:-

“The Religion of the name of the Seas will win out

Against the sect of the son of “Adaluncatif”.

The stubborn lamented sect will be afraid

Of the two wounded by A and A.”




The Religion of the name of the Seas – Hindus (Indian Ocean is named as Hind and from there comes the word Hindu)

Here comes the interesting one. India is wounded severely by the terrorists belonging to Pakistan. Till date many Indians have lost their lives in the terrorist activities and hence has blooded a lot. Time will come when these terrorists will be conquered by India.


Certain other interesting Mythological depictions of Mr Modi.




Story of Buddha – Father of Buddhism

Buddha was married, but he left his wife and went out in search of the truth. His wife lived alone and her name was Yashodara.

Story of Mahavira – the Jain Tirthankara

Mahavira  was also married. But he too left his wife and became monastic. His wife lived alone as well and her name was Yashoda.

Story of Modi – The current prime minister of India

He too left his wife and put his life in serving the nation. Mr Modi’s  wife also lives alone and her name is Yashodaben.





We have just tried to encourage happenings which will help India develop. We do not intend to hurt anyone nor ridicule there thoughts.


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