KarwaChauth 2018 Special Gifts Ideas

Truth be told: “Your presence will always mean more than any presents ever
”However, gifts are something that instantly put a smile on someone’s face! Thus, it is always advised to surprise your loved ones on special occasions by giving gifts, especially the things they crave for. Married women are on a verge of solemnizing Karwa Chauth which is falling on 27th October, this year. They are even looking forward to get pampered and differently treated by their husbands. And as we know, Hindu festivals are incomplete without exchanging gifts and presents, so why to miss a chance to impress the ones who are dear and near to your hearts.  To make your decision simple and uncomplicated, we display some gifting ideas so that you can opt for fanciable choices.

For Wife:  A wife witnesses the most difficult fast lasting a whole day for the longevity, good health and prosperity of her husband on Karwachauth. Hence, it is a prime duty of her husband to express his gratitude and his side of benevolence for his darling wife with pre-possessing gifts and extravagant surprises at the end of the festivity. Husbands can even delight their spouses by surprising with a candlelight dinner or a lovey-dovey long-drive to some romantic place.

For Husband: Unlike wives, husbands are never ever demanding, still they would be more than happy if are being surprised with spa hampers, personalized cushions and customized mugs on the day of Karwa Chauth. After accompanying you with a long day fast, hope this bring a smile on the faces to whom the whole fast is dedicated.

For Fiancé (Would be Spouse):

Girl: If you are a way lucky champ and your beautiful girlfriend is planning to keep a Karwachauth fast this year, then it’s your foremost concern to touch her soul with a surprised gift on this wonderful occasion. How about stunning her with a bouquet of chocolates, a ring or a bunch of flowers with an illustrious love note inside?

Boy: Do you know what’s so special about a boyfriend? Boyfriends never ever lust after lavish gifts, surprises and expensive bounties, they only urge for a little care and a titchy attention as a token of love. However, a small token of love in the form of gift hampers and photo frames will certainly not harm you if he is equally interested in Karwachauth fasting.  

For your loving Mother-in- Law (Saas): An unequalled bond that a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law shares during the occasion of Karwa Chauth is embraced with utmost care and immense love from both sides and essences. On that account, strengthen your personal relations with your ‘Saasu maa’ (mother-in-law) and impress her with an embroidered saree, sacred plants, woolen shawls or a combination of a gift pack, containing dry fruits, a family collage, sweets and get her sheer blessings.

For your Daughter-in-Law (Bahu): The most awaited bountiful gift, a daughter-in-law hankers after on Karwachauth is a packet of Sargi and Baya from her beloved mother-in-law. This comes under a beautiful tradition indeed and has a Hindu mythological tale associated. Being the important and the stereotypical part of this festival, it has now become conventionally significant to send Sargi and Baya which includes puja thali, sweet boxes handmade designer (decorated) karwas, cosmetic sets and other ritual items:

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