How to Celebrate Karwa Chauth in Husband Style

Karwa chauth for wife

Karwa Chauth is not gender-specific hence it can be a men festival too. Husbands out there have given a rare chance to prove their unconditional love for their wives in the most phenomenal style. Are you ever celebrated Karwa chauth for your wife?

While your spouse would be busy in the preparation of karwa chauth puja, applying henna, making dishes, and getting ready for the celebration, meantime brush yourself a little bit to brew her with your changes and let her blossom like a flower, the whole day.

Trust me this new version of you will swing her mood in some other direction and these small beautifications intensify your bond a little stronger. It’s your turn, dear husbands, to evoke your impulse urge to do something out of the box this time to make her festivity a little excited and peppy. Let’s know about how to celebrate karwa chauth for wife.

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Karwa Chauth in Husband Style

Cook Sargi for her (pre-celebration meal)

Karwa Chauth day starts a bit early when Hindu women eat sargi before the sunrise (approx 4 am). Usually, Sargi has been given by her mother-in-law. Howbeit; due to some reason if it doesn’t reach her then she herself prepares the food, early morning to consume it before the festivity starts. She every day prepares food for you, now it’s your turn to impress her with your ‘not so bad’ hidden talent. Get of bed prior to the usual time and bring out the inner chef in you.

Keep a Fast (not a strict one though)

How about keeping a simple fast with east steps till the moonrise? Yes, you heard it right; you can also afford a single meal fasting procedure; if you try earnestly to persuade yourself for not eating and consuming anything along with her. The best way to celebrate karwa chauth for your wife is keeping fast with her.

Take a leave (if it’s not a Sunday)

The greatest gift, you can give someone is your time. Because when you give you time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. So, apply for a day leave either casual or sick just for the sake of your better half.

Get waxed a day before (shave off unwanted hair)

If you are a shaggy person, removing hair and waxing would surely draw her attention towards you. May be she never told you that she does not like those unwelcome hair across the body. However, do not go off your modish beards and those elegant moustaches (those could be her all-time favourites).

Pick a bouquet whiling returning home (or even flowers)

Surprise her with your own romantic style! Grab flowers of her choice and customize an enchanting bouquet to please her on this special occasion. Trust me you are going to win her heart.


They say: A well dressed man is a best accessory a woman can have. Dear Men, you should get yourself pretty groomed for your lady luck. Follow some simple and basic steps of grooming to shine even brighter ever before. Rock and Roll with sheer outfits and let her see the handsome you.

Prepare meals for yourself (and kids)

Awake that out of sight cook in you and make some digestible food for yourself and kids (if any) before she wakes up or at a later time. For her, the day would be a bit tiring ahead as she is going to observe a strict fast without even consuming a single drop of water, the entire fest. Thus, at rock bottom help her in preparing lunch, dinner or even snacks, if you cannot individually manage the things.

Take her out for Shopping (window shopping)

In general, ladies find nothing to wear when it comes to celebrate an occasion. And you know the quickest way to amaze a lady, just go shopping with her. So, take her to the nearest shopping market a day before or help her buy some exquisite products via online hub (if you are too lazy to go out).

Arrange a visit of Home Salon for pampering her

Who does not get to be exclusively pampered, if it is a festival of utter pomp and show? Yes, this religious festival pulls a lot to flaunt among her close friends and neighbours. Treat her like a queen and schedule a booking for a home salon as per the availability and convenience. Believe it or not, you are going to be the best husband in the world.

Surprise her with a gift

Surprises do not need an occasion; these are always astonishing in one way or another. However if it happens unexpectedly on some festivity, it surprisingly brings in happiness and exuberance to the giver. By this, you can discover her zing and even feel that blossomy smile which excites the moment rather. For her, it’s not only the gift, but the thought that counts.

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Choose a hot trendy haircut (not a spike one)

Quickly visit a nearby salon to get a latest hairstyle done. Get some spunky changes by your haircut with some golden streaks or a razor cut in your styling. It is all up to you how you are going to set a fire beyond the usual clothing lines/designs.


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