Karwa Chauth Special for Unmarried Girls

Karwa Chauth Special for Unmarried Girls

On the divine day of Karwa Chauth (annual festival for husbands’ long-lives), the celebration fever holds the heart of every Hindu and Sikh married woman who keeps a day-long fast till moonrise. Through this sturdy fasting ritual, they express their utmost affection, love feelings, and immense care to their husbands. Unmarried girls also observers Karwa Chauth vrat for the sake of getting the desired life partner.

Why should unmarried girls observe Karwa Chauth Vrat?

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It is often considered unusual and unacceptable in Hindu Sanatan Dharma if a girl on Karwa Chauth observes a day-long fast for their boyfriends, fiances, and future husbands. Conventionally, this festival is merely celebrated by Hindu married women for their husband’s long lives and good health.

Howbeit, this has now become a trend among young ladies to keep fast even though there is no dedicated sacrament for these unmarried girls. Yet, they can heed and copy rituals followed by their family members and can keep fast till sunset.

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Despite that, due to a prevailing fashion nowadays, it has now been adopted by Indian society to let girls worshipping Goddess Parvati on Karwachauth by following the religious customs to get husbands of their desires. They even go shopping, apply henna, groom themselves and dress up even nicer on the eve during moonrise.

Hence, it is not limited to married women only and unmarried girls around the globe keep a secret strict fast to please Goddess Parvati for their boyfriends and fiances (especially).

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How can unmarried girls make their Karwa chauth Special?

Conventionally, girls who are engaged or about to get married observe fast on Karwachauth. On the whole, they keep a strict fast for their fiancés and follow all the possible rituals for their would-be husbands. Nonetheless, unmarried ladies can even frame this festivity in a way special in their own styles. Frame out these new trends to make it worth before marriage as this Karwachauth is going to be your special pre-wedding festival.

  • Video call: If your fiances are not around, you can switch to video call from an audio one. Just wait for the moon to rise in the evening, take a glance through a sieve and offer prayers to it while being on the video call.
  • A short Puja: As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that the moon on this day is said to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Therefore, it is advised to worship Goddess Parvati to please Lord Shiva. Quickly perform the puja rituals before the moon rise and take a glimpse of moon for his longevity. A short puja would certainly work unless you are married.
  • Avoid Sargi and Baya: However Sargi and Baya are the important rituals to be followed during Karwa chauth festival, but if you are still not married and is fasting for your boyfriend or lover, then it is not mandatory to go for these two rituals. Eat something heavy before sunrise to avoid hunger, later on.
  • Quick look at Pole star, do not wait for moon rise: While majority of the unmarried girls wait for the moon to appear, many open their fasts after casting a brief look to the Pole Star. Do not wait moon to get shine; rather break your fast with pole star view.
  • Be a part of celebration in Society: If you feel like you are the only one who is keeping a Karwa chauth fast, being an unmarried then be a part of society celebration and follow the set of rituals along with the married women at your surroundings to feel happy and contented.
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In some places, even unmarried girls who are neither committed nor have a boyfriend keep Karwa chauth fasts with a couple of sacred rituals along with the married women in their vicinity. In the nutshell, they openly observe a fast at their houses in the hope of getting a good life partner and ideal husband in the upcoming time.

Rgyan wishes all unmarried girls ‘Happy Karwa Chauth‘ and hopes you can make it special for your future life partner.

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