Karwa Chauth Exclusive Traditional Mehndi Designs, You cannot miss out

Karwachauth Traditional Mehendi designs

Karwa Chauth is a most awaited religious festival for Hindu married women in India. Women involve themselves in shopping to buy beautiful dresses, jewelry and visit nearby market places on this day. A fewer are the must- do-rituals; a married woman should not miss on this auspicious occasion, these include Sargi, Baya, applying henna (mehndi), solah shringar, the narration of fasting story (vrat Katha)  sieving moon in the evening, and breaking fast. However, Karwa Chauth Mehndi is considered as one of the most distinguished and significant rituals among all the.

Mehndi: Applying Henna in their pretty hands is something they cannot skip in Karwa Chauth. And, in Hindu tradition, it is said that applying Henna during Karwa Chauth enhances longevity, brings in spiritual enlightenment, and intensifies the fertility of husbands. Howbeit, these art forms of Mehndi verily depend upon the states they belong to the culture they follow, the region they are into, and their personal choices as well as the time they have. We bring in some prodigious Mehndi designs, exclusively on this Karwachauth event for our beautiful ladies out there!

10 Exclusive Karwa chauth Mehndi Designs

Indian Style:

karwa chauth mehendi

Sparkled- Back Design:

Sparkled- Back Design: mehendi

Mughlai Style:

karwa chauth mehendi - Mughlai Style



Punjabi Style:

karwa chauth mehendi - Punjabi style

Indo-Arabic Design:

Indo-Arabic mehendi design

Flower Stems (Bel Style)  :

Flower Stems mehendi style

Bracelet Style:

karwa chauth mehendi Bracelet Style

Bangle Look:

karwa chauth mehendi arabic style

Moroccan Style:

Moroccan mehendi style

Here we are showcasing the other important rituals for Karwa Chauth

Sargi: Sargi is the very first ritual performed early in the morning before sunrise.  Gulping every edible stuff of a special Thali- holding different types of foods and cuisines is a must-do ritual to remain fit and energetic during the day till sunset. As they cannot even have a sip of liquid after sunrise and can only break their fasts after peeking the moon, subsequent to the Karwa Chauth traditions.

karwa chauth sargi

Baya: In some regions, there is a ritual, conducted by mothers-in-law (saas) of sending a unique gift to their daughter-in-laws (bahu) on this notable Hindu festival. This can either be an exquisite Thali containing 16 stuffs (solah-shringar) or a token of love (care) through money or sweets.

karwa chauth Baya

Solah Shringar: However, fasting ritual is considered the toughest among all these ceremonial rituals because a lady cannot even gulp a single drop of water in the course of Karwa chauth fasting till moonrise. Hence, the only way to get stressed out is to think more about looking bonzer (attractive) by beautifying yourself differently with Solah Shringar.

karwa chauth Solah Shringar

Narration of fasting story (vrat katha): Prior to Karwa chauth puja, the foremost or the eldest married lady tells the fasting story (vrat katha) to the folks present there in the vicinity, followed by a couple of solemn rituals and traditional ceremonies.

Sieving moon in the evening: Custom of catching a glimpse of moon is a mandatory ceremony while performing rituals during the moon-rise. The fasting lady takes a quick glance of shining moon for the long-life and prosperity of her husband.

Breaking the fast and exchanging gifts: Being one of the hardest fasts after the wedding, it does not even allow women to eat (and drink), the whole day. Therefore, they crave for breaking it to have their self-made fingerlings food only after performing all the rituals and taking a glance to the moon with the strainer. They also await their loving husbands to gesture them with a gift, eventually. Here are Karwa Chauth’s special gift ideas.



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