Kerala Floods : Mythological Reason Behind This Natural Calamity

Kerala Floods : Mythological Reason Behind This Natural Calamity

Kerala Floods : Mythological Reason Behind This Natural Calamity

Kerala Floods – The land of Natural allure is getting influenced with one of the major natural calamities – flood and the local natives are experiencing an appalling suffering through these Kerala floods. These horrendous Kerala Flood is bringing severe trouble, distress and ruination amongst the population residing in Indian states of Kerala. The state is undergoing pain, hardship and even wreaking deaths as this uncontrollable Kerala flood is destroying everything in its path. As per surveys, this uninvited Kerala flood is caused due to atypical bizarre heavy rainfall which unusually occurs during the monsoon season in the mountainous regions. This Kerala flood is becoming the most monstrous natural disasters in the history of Kerala (in nearly a century).

Queer Activities from God :-

Natural Hazards such as- floods, cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides etc are acknowledged more likely as – Acts of gods or Actions performed by gods under adverse conditions. However, when these natural calamities greatly influence human populations or all the inhabitants of a particular place/ community of animals and plants, then these hazards becomes disasters.
They say God Exists and is present everywhere in the nature, then why is there suffering through these natural calamities and disasters (like-Kerala flood), every 3-4 months or so? The Question is if he subsists, then why he is even allowing tragedies to happen by way of these disastrous catastrophes?

Is God a great Healer ? :-

kerala-floods-newsWe often remember God when we are down, when we feel- Life is Hard and chant his name when we suffer and racked with pain. Then how could we even blame him about these natural calamities and disasters similar to Kerala floods. No, he is not the one to be blamed for. It’s just that, oftentimes, God makes happen natural hazard (Kerala flood) as a judgment against sin. Perhaps, these devastating disasters (such as Kerala floods) are punishments from God, sometimes. Sin is the eventual cause of natural calamities (Kerala flood) just as it is the reason of death, disease, and suffering.

Due to excessive high rainfall, all the possible and nearby dams are unfastened (approx- 35), since the water level has risen and these are opened long after 25 years to slower down this uncontrollable Kerala flood as soon as possible. What is important to know is that: God is good And He is Great!! He is even responsible for innumerable astounding miracles took place during the course of natural calamities and rescued even unbelievable loss of life.
More than 50 rescue teams (Indian Navy, Indian Army and other Central Forces) and SOS (save of souls ) are working hard to save the populace from this dangerous and difficult situation and rescuing the civilians’ souls from Kerala flood.


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