Know how Goddess Durga would enter the world in 2018

Our scriptures are a set of extremely miraculous information. We remain so occupied with the materialistic luxuries that we miss the actual theories of magic which are the greatest gift by our ancestors.

Did you know; that during every Sharad Navratri Goddess Durga – the power enters into the world for destroying evil. Every time she steps into the realm of the earth she comes in any of these four vehicles or ‘vahan’.

About Goddess Durga

  1. Gajahasti Rudha( A huge elephant)
  2. Jhulla (swing)
  3. Nauka (Boat)
  4. Bohamastak Rudha  (Horse)

Depending on which Vahan she comes in, the natural happenings follow it. Its miraculous nature will astonish you but is worth a know. To understand the vahan she comes in every year you need to find out the day in which Saptami falls. Eg: In 2017 Navratri, Saptami will fall on Wednesday! The same applies for her return as well. Depending on the day ‘Dashami’ falls you can determine the situation which may prevail in the world.

When Saptami or Dashami falls on


About Goddess Durga

When the date falls on Sunday and Monday, the Goddess is said to enter or depart sitting on the Gajahasti which is a heavenly, huge elephant. It is believed that if she comes on these days, the world experiences heavy rainfall and a good cultivation of crops. This entry of hers marks the rise of prosperity and wealth.


About Goddess Durga

When the date falls on Saturday and Tuesday, the Goddess is said to enter and leave riding a horse. This marks heavy wind, extreme heat and sometimes even drought.


About Goddess Durga

When the date falls on Wednesday, the Goddess is said to enter and leave sailing in a boat. This marks natural calamities like flood and heavy water flow.


About Goddess Durga

When the date falls on Thursday and Friday, the Goddess is said to enter and leave playing in a Jhulla or a Swing. This marks the spread of many epidemic diseases among the people. Easily spreadable diseases like dengue, cholera, swine flu and many others fall into this category.

After knowing all this you may feel the necessity of some proofs that would justify this theory written in our great Hindu scriptures.

These things not only seem miraculous but also have a huge religious significance and states the intelligence of our ancestors. Let’s preserve it and spread it.


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