Krishna Janmashtami Puja Vidhi & Vrat Katha

Krishna Janmashtami is commemorated as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna which falls in the month of Bhadrapada (August/September) on the Ashtami tithi (date) of the Krishna Paksha. According to the Hindu Lunar Calendar in 2021, Krishna Janmashtami falls on Monday, 30 August. It is also known as Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, and Sree Jayanthi. It is not only celebrated in India but also marks an extravagant festivity in other corners across the world.

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Krishna Janmashtami Puja Vidhi

It is believed that Lord Vishnu had taken Krishna’s avatar (incarnation) to re-establish the Hindu religion and to kill his demon uncle- Kans in the medieval period on this day. Lord Krishna is well-known by names like Madhava, Keshav, Kanha, Kanhaiya, Devakinandan, and Bal Gopal, etc. among his fervent followers. Let’s know about Krishna Janmashtami puja and vrat vidhi.

Krishna Janamasthami Puja
  • According to Hindu culture; it is highly endorsed that; every person should observe fast on this fortunate occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. It’s time to comprehend the Puja and Vrat Vidhi which comprise of no hard and fast rules.
  • On this day, taking a holy bath and observing fast is like mandatory rituals. Wake up little early during the morning time. Then decorate a small house of baby Krishna for displaying jhakkis and spangles in/near the temple area. Krishna small Puja room should embellish with Padmaragamani; and flower-garlands along with khadag, krishna chaagh, mushal and many more.
  • The walls of the miniature house should have Swastik, Shubh-Laabh and Ohm etc for the positivity during Krishna Janmashtami celebration.
  • The idol of Mother Goddess Devki should position along with Shri Krishna portrait in the zodiacal Krishna house. Install a tiny statue of baby Lord Krishna’s on a cradle or swing inside that house. That beautiful Putty house should be decorated and adorned with different materials and ornaments as much as possible.
  • With complete devotion and a pack of ornaments including flowers, sunshine, coconut, betel, cucumber, orange, other various types of fruits, baby Lord Krishna should be worshiped in the main sanctum of the house.
  • During Midnight, Aarti should be performed while playing conch on the birth of Lord Krishna in, followed by distributing Bhog (Prasad).
  • Vratis the devotees who are all are observing fasts should feed the Brahmin (pundits) on the day of Navami to get their utter blessings.

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Mantra :

Janmashtami Puja

योगेश्वराय योगसम्भवाय योगपताये गोविन्दाय नमो नमः

Yogeshwari Yoga Sambhavay Yogatee Govindai Namo Namah (Meditate on Shri Hari by this mantra)

यज्ञेश्वराय यज्ञसम्भवाय यज्ञपतये गोविन्दाय नमो नमः

Yagneshwaraya Yagnasavbhav Yajnavpatyay Govindai Namo Namah (by chanting this mantra, bathe the baby Krishna idol)

वीश्वाय विश्वेश्वराय विश्वसम्भवाय विश्वपतये गोविन्दाय नमो नमः

Vishwavite Vishweshwaraya Vishwabatayabhavabhavbhav Vivayvataye Govindai Namo Namah (By this mantra, offer flowers, fruits, etc and start performing aarti)

Benefits of Krishna Janmashtami Fasting

  • Bhavishya purana says: If someone keeps Krishna Janamasthami fast till midnight. Then he/she is likely to get immense happiness, aspiration, prosperity, longevity and a vast kingdom of their own.
  • Apart from this; Once one who observes this fast and does not eat anything till Krishna’s birth is supposed to attain Moksha (salvation).

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Dahi Handi Celebration in India

There is also a unique part of the celebration during the Krishna Janmashtami festival called Dahi-Handi. Earthen pots (Makhan- matki) of milk, curd from long bamboos hung in the streets near the temples.

dahi handi Celebration during Krishna Janmashtami

In Dahi handi; children throng together and form a pyramid stoop to break pots in a peculiar way for stealing Makkhan. This is one of the famous splendorous in Maharashtra and other nearby states.

Krishna Janmashtami Vrat Katha

In the Dwapar Yuga, king Ugrasena ruled in Mathura. His militant son Kansa removed him from the throne and himself became the king of Mathura. Kansa had a sister Devaki; who married a Yaduvanshi chieftain named Vasudeva.

Once Kansa was going to deliver his sister Devaki to her in-laws. On the way, there was a voice in the sky- ‘O Kansa, the Devaki whom you are carrying with great love, in which your age resides. The eighth child born from this womb will kill you. ‘ Hearing this, Kansa set out to kill Vasudev. Then Devaki humbly said to him- ‘I will bring the child from my womb to you. What is the benefit of killing a brother-in-law?

Kansa accepted Devaki and went back to Mathura. He puts Vasudev and Devaki in jail. Vasudev-Devaki had seven children one by one, and Kansa was killed as soon as the seven were born. Now there was going to be an eighth child. They vigorously guarded in prison. At the same time, Nanda’s wife Yashoda was also going to have a child.

Seeing the sad life of Vasudev-Devaki, he devised a solution to protect the eighth child. At the time when a son was born to Vasudev-Devaki, coincidentally a girl was born from Yashoda’s womb, which was nothing but ‘Maya’.

Vasudev carrying lord krishna after Krishna Janma

In the cell where Devaki-Vasudev was imprisoned, suddenly there was light and in front of him appeared the quadrilateral god holding a conch, chakra, mace, Padma. Both fell at the feet of God. Then God said to him- ‘Now I take the form of a newborn baby again.

You send me to your friend Nandji’s house in Vrindavan at this time and hand over the girl who is born to him to Kansa. At this time the environment is not favorable. Still, you don’t worry Awake guards will fall asleep, the gates of the prison will open automatically and the raging Yamuna will give you a way to cross.

At the same time, Vasudev, leaving the newborn baby-form Shri Krishna in the soup, left the prison and crossed the unfathomable Yamuna, and reached Nandaji’s house. There he put the newborn to sleep with Yashoda and came to Mathura with the girl. Now Kansa gets information that Vasudev-Devaki has been born a child.

He wanted to go to the prison and snatch the newborn girl from Devaki’s hand and slam her on the earth, but the girl flew into the sky and said from there – ‘Oh fool, what will happen to me? The one who killed you has reached Vrindavan. He will soon punish you for your sins. ‘This is the story of Krishna’s birth.


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