The untold story of the daughters of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva the supreme God among the Trimurti has many stories about his origin and existence in the Indian Mythology. He is said to be the most furious but benevolent God in history. He was a Yogi who lived a simple and disciplined life on Mount Kailash. He started forming a household only when Goddess Parvati came into his life.

Many must have heard all the incidents and stories of Lord Shiva but very few are aware about his children. We all know that he had two sons Kartikeya and Ganesha but in reality he had three sons and three daughters. Surprising but true! Shiva’s three daughters are worshipped even today in different parts of the country.

His three sons were

  • Kartikeya
  • Ganesha
  • Ayyappa

He had three daughters

  • Ashok Sundari
  • Manasa
  • Jyoti

Let’s discuss about the proofs of the existence of Shiva’s daughters

They are mentioned in the Shiva Purana. Readers can refer Rudra Samhita: Section II – Sati Khanda of Shiva Purana.

Ashok Sundari

ashok sundari

Famous theist Devdutt pattanaik said that the story of Ashok Sundari comes from the vrat-kathas of Gujurat and neighbouring areas. Her birth is recorded in detail in the religious scripture, ‘Padma Purana’.

Since Parvati used to feel lonely she created Ashok Sundari from a tree. Her name was Ashok since her presence removed all the sorrows and sundari since she is said to be quite beautiful. She is said to be associated with salt since she hid behind a sack of salt when Ganesha was beheaded by Lord Shiva. She is mainly worshiped in Gujarat.



She was born from the aura of light of Lord Shiva and hence is named Jyoti. She is the complete representation of the grace Lord Shiva possessed. She is known to the people as Hindu Goddess of light. She is also termed as Goddess Rayaki who is associated with the Vedic Raka, and also as Goddess Jwalaimukhi in the North India.

She is majorly worshipped in quite a lot of temples in Tamil Nadu.


manasa daughter of Lord Shiva

Manasa is known among people to be the Goddess who cures snakebites. She is said to be born when Lord Shiva’s semen touched a statue carved by the mother of snakes ‘Kadru’. This incident gave birth to her as Shiva’s daughter but not Parvati’s. She was the one who saved Lord Shiva when he drank poison during the “Samandar Manthan”or “Amrit Manthan”.

It is said that she was ill treated by Parvati since she thought her to be Shiva’s secret wife. Myth also says that she was bad tempered due to rejection by her father, husband and step-mother.

She is majorly worshipped in Bengal. There’s no particular idol representing her, instead she is worshipped in the form of a branch of a tree, an earthen pot or snake. She is worshipped mostly during the rainy season when snakes are seen abundantly. She is believed to cure snake bites, and infectious diseases like chickenpox.

Mythology is vast and has many hidden stories associated with it. The way we happened to discover the existence of the ultimate God’s daughters, there may be many more lying under the abode of this universe.

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