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Lip Shapes And Personality Traits

Lips are the most attractive part of one’s facial features. The lip shape enhances a person’s charm or beauty. This fleshy organ also decides the personality of an individual. Lips come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Below mentioned are the personality trends according to the form of the lip.


Wide Lips


Lip shape and personality


You are highly energetic and have an outgoing personality. You are a sociable freak and hence have many friends. Leadership qualities are highly embedded in you as well.


Thin Lips


Lip shape and personality


You seem to be quite antisocial but ambitious. You love independence and hence control everything around your life by yourself. You have a sensitive and caring side as well.


Medium Lips/ Goldilocks Lips


Lip shape and personality


They are neither thick nor thin but medium sized. The cupid bows are not that sharp put the lips are well defined. You tend to be quite pretty. You crave a sense in relationships but or neither needy nor clingy.


Full Lips


Lip shape and personality


You are great with confidence and have a strong personality. You have a nurturing and compassionate spirit and hence can be a good mother.


Broad Lips


Lip shape and personality


You have a good balance in yourself. You tend to be successful and perfect at everything you do. You prove to be a good friend.


Pouty Lips


Lip shape and personality


Confidence is your major strength. You are quite hardworking and straightforward in your approach. The personality you carry is quite impressing.


Round Lips


Lip shape and personality


The lips are smaller than the rest of the face. These women usually tend to be flirty, joyful and full of high spirits.

Cupid Lips


Lip shape and personality


People with such lips are usually glamorous. They are high on romanticism and are glamorous as well.


Tilted Lips


Lip shape and personality


People with tilted lips seem quite caring and soft spoken. They are usually reflective and withdrawn.

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