Looking For A Valentine? Offer Rose To These God’s On Rose Day

The air seems full of love and so do the people around. On this occasion everyone feels bad who do not have a valentine of their own. Well , do not worry! We will make things beautiful for you this Valentine.

What does Valentine actually mean? Is it having a partner of the opposite gender? NO! That’s not what it means. We have started assuming this as the universal reality since this is what we see maximum people doing. Let me tell you that having a valentine is the most beautiful feeling ever but it is not limited to a partner of opposite gender. Anyone can be your valentine. Your parents, your child, a puppy, a place or maybe God. Interesting right! You being happy and going through a flow of beautiful emotions is what a successful Valentine’s day is like.

Rose day with god

Intelligent sacred people and ancient texts mention the Gods who love roses. Why not fetch some time and go with a bunch of roses to these Gods. Who knows, he/ she may revert back immediately to your unanswered prayers.

Rose is declared to be the most beautiful flower by Lord Vishnu. It is believed to be the ‘King of flowers’ and represents Love.

Gods Who Like Rose

Rose day with god

Lord Krishna: He is famous for being the love guru among the Gods and he loves rose. Hence rose is used for the purpose of love. You can offer him full red roses or rose buds or even rose petals. He also loves a garland made out of rose.

Goddess Kali, Durga and Lakshmi: They have an strong affinity to red color and are the carriers of power. You can offer them red roses as they are the symbol of fertility and marital bliss.

Lord Hanuman: He loves red roses as well. It is believed that offering him red roses pleases the God.

Lord Ram: Yellow roses are usually offered to Lord Ram. He symbolizes purity and honesty.

Lord Shiva and Saraswati: The supreme God and the Goddess of knowledge seem to love white roses. They represent serenity and peace.

Pros of having rose flowers around

Rose day with god

Generates romanticism: They are believed to create a sensuous smell which creates romanticism among couples. This is the reason why rose petals are used to decorate the beds of newly wed couples.

Relieves stress and depression: With fatigue and stress comes insomnia and restlessness that gives rise to irritability and frigidity. Rose petals and its essence can beat these symptoms too. According to research rose essence when inhaled, has been known to produce a sedative effect.

Lowers blood pressure and balances hormones: This soothing smell is believed to treat the flaws in hormone generation. You can smell the rose every morning to kick away such health issues.

Restful Sleep: The aroma of roses is also closely tied with aphrodisiac effects. It may also help to promote a more restful sleep and uplifting dreams when enjoyed before bedtime.


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