Lord Ganesha Favourite: 10 Things to Offer Ganpati Bappa

Occasions and Festivals hold great importance in everyone’s life and bring in liveliness throughout that span of time. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of those thrilling festivals which spreads zest, fervor, and throws a splendour atmosphere all around. Ganesh Chaturthi commemorates 10 days festival to adore Lord Ganesha’s Birth Anniversary; especially in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya-Pradesh, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, and Karnataka. Let’s Know about Lord Ganesha Favourite things.

Worshipping of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha Favourite fruits and flowers

Lord Ganesha never desires utter dedication and unusual attention during Ganesh Chaturthi or any other religious festival. However, He is the first god to be worshipped in any of the important holy events; as it is exhibited in Rigveda- ‘Na Kritey Twayam Kriyate Kim Chanare’. Why not we should know what are all the beloved things that can easily amaze Him with astonishment? Let’s know what are his favorite items on the occasion of great grand Ganesh Chaturthi.

  1. Modak: Modak is one of the favourite foods of Lord Ganesha. He is also well-known with the name- ‘Modakpriya’. Modak is a sweet small savoury ball of rice dough; which is boiled and stuffed with grated coconut along with jiggery is the most appetizing thing while worshipping him.
  2. Durva Grass: Durva grass has a unique relation with Ganesha God and thus is very near to Him. It is believed that durva grass is an ultimate cure for indigestion and an instant pain reliever. Offering 21 blades (leaves) of grasses during prayers is considered significant.
  3. Conch Shell (Shankh): In each portrait of Lord Ganesha; we usually notice that one of his arms holds conch-shell, i.e Shankh. Conch shell plays a very essential role in Hindu culture as it generates the holiest sound inside a religious sanctum. It is considered way propitious to play Shankh in Ganesha puja.
  4. Sindoor (Red Vermillion): Just like Lord Hanumana, elephant-headed God-Ganesha is revered with red vermillion during puja in festivals. He loves to get adorned with sindoor, especially during Ganesh Chaturthi.
  5. Marigold and Erukku Flowers: Divinities attract Flowers and as they have the ability to remove negativity from a person’s soul; thereby it is always preferred to offer garlands made of flower to gods. Lord Ganesha got a strong feeling of pleasure with marigold and erukku flowers.
  6. Basil (Tulsi): Basil leaves aka Tulsi is Ganesha’s favorite. Tulsi is dipped in holy water and sometimes find separately in the puja thali. Hence Lord is worshipped with tulsi leaves in Puja.
  7. Leaves (Dhatura Bel): The father of Lord Ganesha is always presented with Dhatura Bel during every sacred observance. Just like his father, he too loves to have Bel leaves whilst puja.
  8. Banana:  Undoubtedly, Lord Ganesha is a great fond of all fruits especially bananas; and he always wishes to have bananas in front of him while worshipping. This fruit is easily available and this adorable God enjoys its presence too much. He also likes to be offered banana leaves in any occasion.
  9. Sweetmeats (Motichoor Ladoos): His Love for Motichoor Ladoos is unusually good. Even his cute belly describes his utter love towards this mouth-watering boondi- sweetmeat.  For all delicious sweets, this delectable sweet dish is his one of the beloved foods.
  10. Puffed Rice (Murmure): Murmure is puffed rice, and out of this a kind of sweet dish is prepared in houses; murmure is not so costly and does not need expensive ingredients to prepare. He likes the ladoos made from those murmure which shows his pure love towards his not so rich devotees.
Ganesh Visarjan in river

In 2021, Ganesh Chaturthi starts from  Friday, 10 September; and finishes by the 10th day on Ganesh Visarjan, also known as Anant Chaturdashi.


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