The unique Love story of Tulsi and Ganesha

Unique Love Story of Tulsi and Ganesh

Tulsi is considered to be the most sacred plant in Hindu religion. Its auspiciousness makes people involve it in any positive task or ritual being performed. Every Hindu considers Tulsi a must in their homes. So, how did she become sacred? What was this Tulsi is real life? Here is the story of tulsi and ganesha.

Tulsi was the beautiful daughter of the great Dharmaraja (king of righteousness). Since childhood, she was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. She used to practice severe penance in the banks of the river to show her respect for the God. Once she was walking down the banks of this river when her eyes fell on a charming, handsome man.

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The man was clad in yellow bright clothes. His body smelled of pure sandalwood and natural fragrances. Precious and shining jewels accessorized his perfect physique. At first sight, she fell in love with him and slowly progressed towards this beautiful creation. It was none other than Lord Ganesha. She approached him and asked him if he could take her as his wife.

Lord Ganesha

Reaction from the Lord was very polite and calm. He said; “I have decided to stay away from family life and dedicate my presence to strong meditation and devotion to my parents. Marriage destroys the peace of mind and distracts from tapas. You are a beautiful lady but I am really sorry that I will not be able to accept you.”

The rejection made the lady furious. She immediately cursed Ganesha.

The day will come when you will have to marry against your own will. Your vow to remain a saint forever will never be fulfilled.

Lord Ganesha

This made Lord Ganesha act in retaliation and he cursed her as well. You will have to pay for cursing a person for no reason. You will be married to a demon and will turn to a plant forever under the curse from a saint.

Listening to the curse, Tulsi immediately realized her mistake and asked for pardon. She pleaded the Lord to forgive her for her great sin. God Ganesha cooled down immediately and replied


Lady, a given curse cannot be taken back, so what I can do is neutralize the effects of the curse. You will be considered as a very auspicious plant by generations to come. Your sacredness will be incomparable and you will be present in every Hindu ritual or worship to any God or Goddess. Provided, your presence will not be acceptable while my worship.

Later in the future, under the curse of Ganesha, Tulsi had to marry the demon Shankhachuda. She lived with him as his beloved wife but Shankhachuda was later killed by Lord Shiva due to his unacceptable activities. Later she got the boon from Lord Vishnu that she will me reincarnated as the sacred Tulsi plant and will be the wife of Lord Vishnu.



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