Lucky Color For Holi and Your Zodiac Sign Predictions

Holi is the festival of colors and is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun as per the Hindu calendar. It generally corresponds to the month of March in the English Calendar and is celebrated all over India with incredible getup, go, and energy. This year, Holi is going to celebrate on 29th March 2021.

On this auspicious day let’s see what your zodiac signs have for you! Our famous astrologer has also noted down the color that will suit you the best and bring in luck for your upcoming days.

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Lucky color

Moon will travel your fifth place of festivity and ceremony. You have a craving for going out and having some good times. It will be anything but difficult to urge others to participate– you’ll experience no difficulty discovering company. It’s a fun time for you.

Lucky Color: saffron and yellow


Lucky color

Its great time to celebrate with your family as Moon is fourth, invest and appreciate energy with your family. Your vitality will on the more elevated amount. Relationships work best when give and take are done in equal measure.

Lucky Color: saffron


Lucky color

Gemini individuals may miss their accomplice. Your family doesn’t appear to help you as much not surprisingly. It’s smarter to invest energy of your companions.

Lucky Color: blue


Lucky color

You are going through cheerful hours with family and need much additional time with them. It influences you to feel solid and in concordance with them. A gathering of dear companions will be extremely wonderful and mentally animating. Colorful Holi for you.

Lucky Color: orange


Lucky color

Moon travel in Leo and Saturn is in the fifth house. Not everything in your private life is running and moreover, you might want. Loved ones have their own particular wishes and objectives and are will undoubtedly indicate thought to you. Might feel alone.

Lucky Color: Gold


Lucky color

Moon in twelfth, Saturn in fourth and Ketu in fifth shows you lose your cool rapidly and might hurt other individuals. This can put a strain on your associations with family and companions. So be cautious and hold your internal quiet.

Lucky Color: orange, yellow


Lucky color

Jupiter in ascendant and moon in eleventh your pizzazz is irresistible, enabling your family to appreciate your conversation and open way. You feel sufficiently solid to do pretty much anything. Utilize this positive vitality and get together with companions and appreciate the day.

Lucky Color: Green


Lucky color

You feel brimming with vitality as Mars travel over you. Your get-up-and-go is irresistible, enabling your family to appreciate your conversation and open way. Utilize this positive vitality and get together with companions.

Lucky Color: Red


Lucky color

Errors may end your day, particularly with relatives and companions. To abstain from aggravating the strained circumstance, cease from acting seemingly out of the blue. You need to be patient on this colorful eve.

Lucky Color: purple, violet


Lucky color
Know your lucky color

You may feel confined to the world.Your companions will anticipate getting together to have a decent celebration and will demonstrate their appreciation to you. Tail them and appreciate the day for their purpose.

Lucky Color: Grey


Lucky color

This Holi brings a fresh start. Utilize this opportunity to determine old clashes, as a middle person or by venturing out clear issues up. Holi colors will get positive shades in your life.

Lucky Color: Blue


Lucky color

Your companions may think of astounding recommendations today; believe your instinct and choose whether you need to oblige them. Plays precisely don’t over energized.

Lucky Color: sea green

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