Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Katha (Magh Krishna Ekadashi Vrat)

Shattila Ekadashi vrat is observed on the 11th lunar day of the Krishna Paksha in the Hindu Calendar month Magha, which in the Gregorian calendar falls in December or January. It is also known as Til Ekadashi which comes from the Hindi word of Sesame. This day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. If fast is observed on this day and rituals are followed then belief goes that you will never feel a shortage of food, wealth, and prosperity.

Tithi: Krishna Paksha Ekadashi of Magha Month
Shattila Ekadashi 2022 Date: Friday, 28 January

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Vrat Katha

According to legends, once upon a time, there was an old lady who had lots of wealth. She used to perform a lot of charity for the poor and needy people in form of offerings like clothes, jewelry, and other precious items. Lord Krishna was impressed by her selflessness and hence decided to give her a visit.

One day Lord Krishna appeared disguised as a poor beggar in front of the lady and asked for food. On the continuous begging for food, the old lady got angry and she put a ball of clay in his pot. She never used to offer food to any beggar. Seeing this Lord Krishna returned back blessing her for her donation. After some days the lady died and went to heaven. She met Lord Krishna and he guided her to the beautiful bungalow which was built for her. She was surprised and very happy about owning the place. When she went inside she was moved by the beauty and materialistic things of the place. To her shock, she found that there was not a single bite of food available in the entire house. She returned back to Lord Krishna and said, ‘I have always donated my things to the needy but why haven’t I got any food in my house?’

He replies that you have never offered food to the beggars and rather always given them materialistic possessions and this is the reason. She realized her mistake and asked for a solution to resolve her sin. Lord Vishnu said that she will be visited by God’s wives from that day onwards and that she has to enquire about Shatilla Ekadashi before letting them in. She has to serve them enough food. Lord also added that she has to perform the vrat by herself. She followed the same during the month of the Paush following which, her golden home got filled with food and vegetables.

She began praying to Lord Krishna for repentance and soon Lord Krishna appeared in her dreams and reminded her of the incident. Lord Krishna reminded the lady that the biggest daan or donation is Anna Daan i.e., feeding the hungry, which she had been ignoring.

Lord Krishna further told the lady to observe a fast on Shattila Ekadasi and offer food to poor people on that day, to get rid of all her sins.

She observed the fast of Shattila Ekadashi and offered Til and food to the poor, after which everything returned to normal.

Thereafter, the old lady kept her doors open for any hungry passing by her way.


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