Making A New House? Keep Away Negativity!

In order to take shelter we Human beings construct houses. This constructed house protects us from many natural happenings and gives us the comfort we need. But what if this house turns out to be a nightmare for our life? Yes, it is possible. There are many negative vibes and energies around, which bring in bad luck or unwanted events. This is the reason why a science named VastuShastra also exists. Hindu Mythology also has some powerful tips and tricks to keep away these energies from affecting your life.

Procedures vary according to different locations and establishments, but the following is the generally accepted method. Here are certain rituals you should follow while constructing a new house.

  • BhoomiPooja
  • Balidana
  • Hala – Karshana
  • AnukuraaRoopana
  • Shilaanyaasa

Bhoomi Puja


rituals before making house


Bhoomi Puja intends to ask permission from Mother Earth to construct a house at that piece of land. This puja is done just before constructing a house at the location. The date and time of the puja is decided by a priest, which is supposed to be auspicious. It is believed that when you start building a house, you disturb the equilibrium of Mother Earth hence you should ask the Goddess for forgiveness. There are many mantras and hymns mentioned in the Vedas which eradicate all the negativity around.

The following rites should be performed for Bhoomipooja:

  • The site should be first cleaned and cleared of all unwanted elements.
  • The site should be then divided into 9 x 9 grids. Also mark out the foundation of the proposed building.
  • In the grids, dig a square hole in the North-East portion. In the center of that square mark out area to place cornerstone.
  • Place cement in the four quadrants of the hole leaving at least 2’9” for the central area where the foundation stone will be laid.
  • Wash five stones and keep them ready for consecration by the priest.
  • Place certain items in a copper kalash which include Navratans(nine gems), a tiny piece of gold, a silver coin, whole betel nut, a stick of turmeric, a little whole green moong, coriander seeds, Sambarani and jaggery.
  • After the preparations, the priest performs a hymn to praise the positive energies that emerge from the Earth.
  • The VastuDevta is worshiped and offered prayers.
  • The land which is being treated is then purified by sprinkling Ganga Jal.
  • Mango leaves and flowers are kept in copper vessel.
  • PranPratishthaPoojan is conducted in which rice grains and flower petals are sprinkled on the earth and mantras are recited.
  • The Kalash is placed on the center of the pit and then a stone is placed above it. The other four stones are placed around the other two stones. This has a significance and welcomes positivity.




rituals before making house


It is believed that some spirits reside in places which are not much used. Hence, this is done to plead them to relocate from that place.


Hala – Karshana


 ritual before making house


In this the site is leveled and sloped according to certain already stated Vaastu guidelines. In this the site should be at a higher level than the road level and the South-West corner should be higher than the North-East corner.

Believe says that if the entire area is ploughed then it gets rid of the past curses associated.


Ankuraa – Roopana


rituals before making house


In this ritual seeds are sowed in the entire area. Reason being, it is the final offering to the once who are leaving the place and first offering to the newly ploughed ground.




rituals before making house


This is also known as the foundation laying ceremony. The groundbreaking ceremony for the house should only be done during the Uttarayan period, when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere, from June 21 through December 20. This is the most auspicious time for the event.


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