Malayalam New Year: A traditional ritual of opening eyes in front of Lord Vishnu

According to the Kollam Era and Malayalam Calendar, Malayalam New Year is remarked as the very first day of Chingam month, in the Indian State of Kerala. It is also popular as Vishu is a greatly admired and notable festival. In the Gregorian calendar, it has been depicted that Malayalam New Year appears in the middle of August.

Malayalam New Year 2022 Date: Wednesday, 17 August

It is celebrated more than a religious event in South India. This New Year’s occasion showers good luck, fortune, and prosperity for the Malayalis.

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malyalam new year

Significance of Malayalam New Year

There is a traditional custom followed by avid devotees as on the propitious day of Malayalam New Year they believe to open their eyes in front of divine Vishukkani God.

As a part of religious ritual in the Malayalam Calendar, it is mandatory to worship and to take a glance (Darshana) of beloved divinity- Lord Vishnu as first thing early in the morning on the occasion of Vishu.

This day holds an immense essence for the Kerala populace as one gets a tremendous chance to spend their valued time with their loved ones.

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This festival is a symbol of opulence and happiness in a significant way. It brings in great delight and intense excitement as this day enlightens the importance of three basic necessities of life-food shelter and clothes. 

Malayalam New Year also gives spiritual knowledge about education and how to maintain a good relationship with your beloved ones. Worshippers vow to focus on their vision and to plan their future with wisdom throughout the year. They

Malayalam New Year is also a fresh new start filling up with gaiety and splendor. The people try to forget their past and commence a new beginning towards life. It is not just a favorable day for Malayalis but also a religious day for all south-Indian peeps around the globe.

Celebration of the most happening day for Malayalis

During Malayalam New Year, commemoration is being observed on a great scale at different places. After taking traditional bathe, both the youngsters and the elder members of the family adore new costumes. Gallop special cuisines and sweetmeats on this day are prepared with seasonal fruits and vegetables such as mango, jackfruits, banana, coconut, and gourd. The specialty of this festival is that the ingredients are added in equal proportion in every dish and thus have uniform consistency of sweetness, bitterness, and sourness, etc.

As per Kerala News, it has been displayed that it is very uniquely celebrated in South-Indian vicinity and thus has a great significance religious as well as spiritual.


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