Mirror And Myths Associated

The most extensively used object for personal grooming, admiring oneself and house decoration is a mirror. But, Indians consider it as an object to be the cause of many positive and negative happenings as well. In ancient times people thought mirrors to be magical and a source to receive messages from the Gods. Depending on the people and the history they believe in, many superstitions or myths are associated with the mirror.

Let’s discuss some of the major once which we probably hear and follow in our daily lives.

  • Mirrors are thought to have two supernatural abilities: It is said that they bring bad luck as well as help tell the future.

mirror supernatural

  • Breaking a mirror is considered to be the biggest mishap one unknowingly invites. A broken mirror refers to a shattered future. Some say a family member may die if this happens. A most widely practised solution is of burying the shattered pieces under the earth.
  • It is also said that when a mirror breaks the soul of the person looking into the mirror also breaks and hence it takes 7 years of time to heal. These 7 years of time are said to be full of sufferings and disgust.

breaking mirror

  • It is said the reflection in the mirror is the appearance of your soul and hence supernatural things which don’t have a soul are not visible in mirrors. It is also believed that spirits around can be seen in the mirror.
  • Any mirrors in a room where someone has recently died, must be covered so that the dead person’s soul does not get trapped behind the glass. Superstition has it that the Devil invented mirrors for this very purpose.
  • Someone seeing their reflection in a room where a person has recently died will soon die themselves.
  • Sitting by a candle light and watching yourself in the mirror may invite unwanted spirits to enter your body.
  • Babies should not look into a mirror for the first year of their lives.
  • Mirrors are said to be portals to give you access to the supernatural world. Many people still practise these activities.

mirror omen

  • Actors believe that it is bad luck to see their reflection while looking over the shoulder of another person.
  • It is believed that if a couple first catch sight of each other in a mirror, they will have a happy marriage.
  • Dreaming a broken mirror brings life partners death. Dreaming a whole mirror brings pride and good luck.

There are many more such myths and beliefs associated with the Mirror. We spotted out the above mentioned ones. Feel free to comment any belief you are aware of.


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