Monthly Horoscope December 2017

As the end of the year approaches so does the end of many evil and good things come along as well. This month is filled with transformation, change, and excitement for all of you. Let’s enjoy the wild ride.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: December 20th will mark a change in your work and professional accomplishments. You will come across a higher demand for your job and also a sudden seriousness may arise. Your planets will lead you to a path that is perfect for you. You may feel extra confident the coming month in the workplace, and everyone is sure to notice. For the next few weeks, trust your judgment when it comes to finances, career path, and projects. This alignment makes you at the top of your game in your professional sector.

Personal Life: You seem to enter the growth in expansion, philosophy, and travel. You will find yourself in the company of people this month who are cultured and open-minded intellectuals. Your love life will be very balanced and your spouse or love will be very supportive. You also seem to be sexually active and full of energy the coming month. Travelling may turn out to be very beautiful and adventurous for you.

Finance: You may get benefited from joint finances. There is a strong chance that you may receive money from family members through inheritance or as a gift.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: A growth will come in your career sector and you will make successful achievements. Your objectives of professional life and social life will become quite focused. You may take charge as a leader and maybe even an aggressor.

Personal Life: Your personal and emotional life will take a back seat this month, which is a welcomed change for you! You will have a bountiful and harmonious connection with your partner. Mars in this house will make you feel more dominant and controlling of others, but not necessarily in a negative way. In certain things betterment would be in compromising.

Finance: Even though you will be coming into money very soon, retrograde periods are notoriously challenging, given unexpected payments, bills, and expenses. It is wise not to spend a lot of money right now, even though you have the propensity to overspend in this alignment. Try to do any holiday shopping earlier in the month, or preferably have it done by the end of November.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: You will excel in independent projects at work and feel like a true leader. Your hard work and dedication will certainly pay off this month! You will feel like a perfectionist, and while this may annoy some around you, the results will be admirable. Your energy will go into getting things right, whether or not others agree.

Personal Life: You may certainly reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and thrive in all of your social relationships. Even though you are great at being independent, this alignment will make you feel extra “lovey” with those around you. You should for sure opt for a date this month if you are single.

Finance: Your finances may take a flight towards significant hike. You will be appreciated for your work and hence will get bonus/ perks or benefits. You have a chance of benefiting from some external source as well. It is a good time for making investments in real estate sector.


Career: Official relationships will be at stake this month. You will face some issues with your seniors or colleagues. Try not to pay heed to these matters and concentrate in your work, you will for sure get the credits with time.

Personal Life: Take this opportunity to redesign your home interior! You will be more drawn to eating cleaner foods this month, because Venus knows beauty begins from within. Take one day a week to pamper yourself, whether you like to take a long bath, give yourself a facial at home, or rub your skin in essential oils and lotion. You will certainly feel more peaceful during stressful situations at work, wanting to be a meditator rather than an instigator. People will realize your compassion and come to you when they need support. This is a great month to host parties, entertain family or friends, and socialize in general. Your enjoyment for life will be contagious!

Finance: Your finances will be abundant for you to make extra purchases, go for high end travel plans or surprise your loved ones.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: You may end up getting into certain controversies with your colleagues. Competition will be high but you have the necessary skill sets to tackle the situation.

Personal Life: Mars brings out the masculine, aggressive side of your personality. You might get in fights with loved ones easily this month, so be mindful of what you say and how you say it. On the other hand, you will work tirelessly to make sure that your family is comfortable and happy. It is a great time to work on projects to make the home more inviting and peaceful. If you are feeling frustrated, direct communication is always the best policy when Mars is in this sector. No one will be able to read you, and they definitely do not want to get you mad! You are action oriented, and this way you will tackle the situation head-on. Be honest, be open, and be kind, dear Leo.

Finance: This month is not a good time to make any big decisions, especially financial ones. Be realistic about spending and saving, but don’t be afraid to take small risks, either. Cash flow will be steady throughout the month, with minor setbacks here and there. You will also feel like money should be used for fun and pleasure instead of practical things this month. Any investments you make during the month might feel like they are standing still until the end of the month However, they will yield great returns if you are patient!


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: You will feel passionate to share your ideas, opinions, and knowledge with others. This will help you climb the ladder of success soon. You will be encouraged to expand your knowledge, and use your intellect for growth during this time. You seem incredibly smart and knowledgeable to others, although, you may lack the confidence to see it in yourself.

Personal Life: It is important that you stay connected with family members from your early life, if these relationships are healthy and stable. If they are not around, create space for current family, friends, and loved ones to be with you this month. It is also a great time to reorganize your space at home. It is an excellent time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings during this phase. Take the time to reevaluate what you are reconsidering in your life right now. Your health is predicted to be fair, with energy being low until the 21st of December. You need to conserve your energy wisely, and only make commitments when you feel healthy. Your emotional health will be extremely stable, wise one, so as long as you get enough rest, you should be in the clear!

Finance: Finances seem to be moderate but your hard work is knitting the ladder of financial increasing in the upcoming year.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: You may be feeling more creative this month, especially in the areas of language, writing, and verbal expression. You may feel drawn to learning a new language, most often one of the romance languages, such as Italian, French, and Spanish. At work, you will be calm and collected during heated discussions or when issues among others arise. You may be asked to mediate conversations, as people view you as a peacekeeper already. You will excel at working on independent projects, as your own achievements and accomplishments feel better than collective ones this month.

Personal Life: Your love life is sure to excel! If you are in a relationship, you will want to get to know your partner in a deeper, more intimate way. If you are a single Libra, you will be able to “woo” any potential partner with your charm, knowing exactly what to say and when. You may be unconsciously more flirtatious this month, so be mindful of the energy you give off to others and check in with your intention. Regarding your family, it is important that you speak your mind, even if you cause a disagreement. This is an excellent month for transcendental meditation, yoga, and walking in nature. Even doing chores or repetitive tasks can be a form of meditation, so use every opportunity you can to relax and let go!

Finance: In addition, you will feel more attracted to others who are wealthy, or at least display wealth outwardly. You realize that money, while you still see how it can be corrupted, can be quite useful for making great changes in the lives of others. Be mindful not to spend impulsively, as Mars’ aggressive nature may get the best of you here. Overall, your finances are predicted to be steady all month long though, so enjoy this financial freedom while it is abundant!


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: Your career will have a growth in terms of promotion or a new project assigned. You will be praised for your hard work and will come into limelight in your office.

Personal Life: You need a partner now who is simple, genuine, and hardworking to feel emotionally balanced. If you are in a relationship, you might expect your partner to buy you something expensive this month as a sign of commitment and affection. Even though you are a deep person, dear Scorpio, you will see money as a means for beauty this month. You are also as sensual as ever this December, and nice smells and expensive fabrics will get your engine revving in the bedroom with your lover!

Finance: You will tend to get attracted to people who are financially stable. This will give you a sense of feeling loved. On the other hand the planet has slowed down your financial progress.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: You will do a lot of work on yourself and the personal aspects of your life this month. These alignments will help you build your identity and physical necessities to make way for greater things to come.

Personal Life: You will be extremely attractive to others, inside and out, and have a seemingly magnetic personality overall. You may receive a lot of attention from others romantically interested in you, but these interactions are not predicted to pan out long-term.

Finance: Your financial conditions will tend to take a hike this month and will make you reach heights.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: Your career goals will be redefined, in addition to how you see the future in general. You will focus a lot on yourself and the changes you need to make for your career growth.

Personal Life: This is the house of the subconscious, so all of your deepest fears and desires will manifest this month. In some way, you might feel conflicted in love, and will need to express your feelings clearly to understand what is going on. You can get hurt quite easily if you are in love, feeling much more vulnerable than usual, especially if your affections go unreciprocated. You will be extra giving this month, and very compassionate towards all people in your life. If you are a single Capricorn, you will be drawn to a lot of different people, and will be open to having casual or serious relationships. The more romance you can get the better! On the other hand, you may feel more discreet about having these relationships out in the open. You may feel the need to keep them secretive or have short affairs. This is because you are hiding from yourself, and you are afraid to get hurt this month. This month may lead to spiritual exploration as well as a deeper understand of the nature of reality. You will also enjoy good health all month long, making your goals even easier to achieve. You are powerful and strong this month, and the stars encourage you to shine, accomplish, focus, and dream!

Finance: You will focus on self-sufficiency, financial security, and independence from authority in this house. You finances will be well appraised.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and he will ensure that you find as many opportunities to achieve your professional goals. You will be presented with more opportunities for work than ever before, and will be received very well by prospective employers. You will be working quite hard over the next year to achieve your desires, and Jupiter will certainly make this happen as quickly as possible!

Personal Life: Instead of feeling connected with romance, you will focus more on friendships and the love within your platonic relationships. You realize that you love being around others, regardless of sexual attraction, and it is important for you to feel this love flowing both ways. You might feel very sensitive during this month, so make sure that you take the steps necessary to support your emotional health. You are incredibly independent, so this might be challenging for you, but it is in your best interest, dear Aquarius.

Finance: You will enter a period of prosperity and gains, and this will gradually improve over the next month.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Career: You are certain to have harmonious relationships and interactions with others in the professional setting, and will charm clients and co-workers alike. While you will concentrate on your appearance at work more than your individual accomplishments, you will get the job done well and especially thrive on teamwork.

Personal Life: You might find yourself attracted to someone who is older than you, as you see love and experience go hand in hand this month. You might meet a person of interest in your career, via a networking event or through a colleague. You will be able to attract groups of people as well, and it may be a great time for you to host a work party or speak at a public event. Your thirst for culture and knowledge beyond your usual environment is fierce this month! You also seek to be free-spirited, and resist any traditions that make you feel confined.

Finance: Your finances will be on the higher side this month. You will get bonus, perks or a salary hike in the professional font. Consider making purchases for your home or loved ones, they will proof to be great relationship builders.


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