Monthly Horoscope For August 2017

August is said to be the month of romance and sweet happenings. The weather, the time all are favorable to bring in more positive energies into the earth. Check out what your zodiac sign says about you for the coming month. Cross your fingers and be ready to face life with a strong will.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

You will be eager to bolster your finances and trim expenses this month. To start with, Full Moon arising in the company of malefic Ketu will influence you to resolve long pending issues. You could be cheered by some monetary gains here. But as the week progresses, and with Mercury turning retrograde, you need to watch your step. Get introspective and remodel your strategy to close the gaps and weak areas. Mars could make you restless and impatient at times. But remain cool and composed to be able to think clearly, advises Ganesha. In the next two weeks, you’ll come under a strong hold of the Moon. Exalted Moon exchanges Sign with Venus, spurring your fortunes. New moon starts emerging at the beginning of the 3rd week. This week’s lunation is particularly powerful because it is in a fixed nature fiery Sign Leo. Combust Mars and Rahu keep company with New Moon. This can make you aggressive and determined to move forward. But, obstacles and roadblocks could dishearten you. Do not get worked up about petty matters going astray. You will snap of this mood soon and make a renewed effort. Make calculated moves, instead of merely relying on your instincts, says Ganesha. As the month draws to a close, some challenges are forecast, especially for ones in the business. According to planetary configurations, it is advisable you pump in some quality and creativity to finish the task within the scheduled time. In domestic matters, you could be wrongly blamed for something you are not responsible for. Do not get aggressive in defending yourself. Matters will automatically settle themselves, once the truth comes to the fore. Take care of your health. Do not neglect even minor health issues. Towards the month-end, Mercury re-enters fiery Sign Leo in retrograde mode.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

If you are looking to increase your revenue streams, take heart. Opportunities to earn extra money will arise. The emerging Full Moon will stir strong emotions to strike it big and Mars will reveal options to work on. Alongside, ruler of your Sign Venus moving through Cancer with inspire you to follow your creative pursuits like music, dance, drama, and painting. This also seems like a good time to brush up your communication skills. Good communication skills are the key to success in life, work and relationships, avers Ganesha and plays an important role in building prospects. As the 2nd week commences, you will look for ingenious ways to push ahead of your chances of growth. Some attractive breaks to perform on a larger platform may surface here. Jupiter may step in to sort out your life and support you satisfactorily. Though, do not get distracted by the seemingly good option to work upon, instead remain much attentive about present activities. Also, with the convergence of New Moon, Leo, Mars, and Rahu, do not be tempted to diversify your efforts. Remember, great accomplishments are achieved with patience and perseverance, advises Ganesha. In the coming days, you may have to work your way up through trying conditions. But have hope! The stars look good ahead. Saturn becoming direct in the movement will ease pressure on the work front. Planetary positions in the last week will bring in occasions for partying and socializing. As you chill out and de-stress, there will be greater clarity in your thoughts and working process. This will enhance your confidence. Mars and malefic Rahu being closer will goad you now to get more competitive and stretch yourself optimally to fulfill the desired level of progress. Do not get disheartened if results get delayed. Sometimes the sweetest outcomes are furthest from sight. Resolve differences amicably in close relationships.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

You will be eager to formulate strategies that are effective, thorough and action-oriented.Full Moon rising in Aquarius through the 9th House in the company of malefic Ketu will fetch the sympathy of the stars. You will be impatient, to enhance your prospects and get racing. Venus may help you strengthen your financial position. But there are other planetary configurations that pose hindrances. Retrograde Saturn transiting in opposition to your sign will not allow to accelerate. At the beginning of the 2nd week, exalted Moon in the 12th House may prompt you to spend on pleasure seeking. Spend with discretion, cautious Ganesha. At this juncture, the stars do not seem auspicious for you take any financial risks. Maybe, you should take time out to introspect and speculate on your actions – present and the past; plug loopholes and mark areas which need to be amended. The 3rd week brings in another round of conflicting indications. While combust Mars and Rahu will spur you ahead, retrograde Mercury does not seem supportive of progressive forces. Some stray monetary gains will give you cause to cheer. Around midweek, Sun moves into Virgo, ruled by Mercury. This should usher in an auspicious phase. Saturn rules the 9th House linked to fortune. After being retrograde for a long time, Saturn now becomes direct in motion. At the month draws to a close, there will be an increasing inflow of money. Your day-to-day expenditure will be eased. Now professionals will come across more openings to utilize their potential advantageously. However, deliberate about long term aspects and do not carry away by short term gains, exhorts Ganesha. Those employed may get an outstation assignment. You will enjoy the environment and work here. Jupiter will provide you the financial stability that will keep you in good spirits.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

At the beginning of the August, you will be propelled to seek solutions for the wrongs that you are experiencing. You will try to resolve the emotional pain that has been bothering you for some time. There is a partial lunar eclipse. And full Moon blazes in the sky. Moon here is in direct opposition to Mars and in close connection with Ketu in the 8th House. It is these changes that are influencing your psyche and emotional facet. Do not ignore these sentiments because they can flare up severely at a later stage and can affect your functioning and equanimity. On the positive side, there is a strong possibility of inheriting some wealth, forecasts Ganesha. However, you may need to wait for some time for legal formalities to get over before you can enjoy your windfall. Around the 2nd week, you may get into a confrontation with a close relative. Try to keep yourself composed and collected. There is no point in engaging in a verbal duel. With cohesive forces being effective, issues get resolved amicably ultimately. With retrograde Saturn in the 6th House, be prepared for some disruptions here. Do not undertake any major financial ventures now. By mid-month Solar eclipse happening in the 2nd House does not augur well, when it comes to financing and family matters. If planets in your natal chart portend, this eclipse could also be beneficial. Long pending issues pertaining to the family may get resolved due to change in perspective. Two important changes in planetary position take place at the end of the month. Venus shifts to Leo in the 2nd House and Sun migrates to Virgo. These changes will ease your pressure and reduce anxiety on many fronts. You may also run into a bit of luck as there are chances of money stuck for long getting released. Enjoy this prosperity, but always be level headed, counsels Ganesha.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

You will be eager to seek secrets for stronger and healthier relationship. Some planetary positions in the coming days could be of assistance. The lunar eclipse happens in opposition to your sign. Moon is in the company of malefic Keti and is influenced by aggressive Mars and wily Saturn as well. These locations can put a serious dent in a confirmed relationship. However, cohesive forces from Jupiter over the 7th House will soften the negative impact. There is also the Solar eclipse around the corner to take note of. This can lead to a change of equations in personal life. Higher growths will now become your top priority. The rewards for your committed effort are to follow in due course of time. Money may become a bit of a tight squeeze here. It is not that you earn less, but your habit of spending lavishly without keeping an eye on your budget depletes your finances considerably, warns Ganesha. Be prepared for some more setbacks in your savings as a spate of cosmic movements occur. This month will Saturn becomes direct in motion. Later, Venus shifts into your Sign. In the last week, the influence of Saturn over Sun now posted in the 2nd House has potential to harm your financial position. In view of this, handle matters related to money and earnings cautiously. Refrain from fresh investment for any purpose. The position of benevolent Jupiter and particularly its influence over the 9th House, related to fortune and luck in general, is likely to keep growth prospects alive and prompt Lady Luck to be kind to you. Plan your finances with long term perspective, keeping enough provision for emergencies. Also, do not boast about your achievements. It is a trait of arrogance and conceit, points out Ganesha. Instead, be modest!


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Your eyes are set on winning over rivals and achieving success. You wish to thrive and flourish, not just survive. You will be keen to reach your full potential and excellence. The stars may assist you to some extent here. A lunar eclipse happens with Moon in Aquarius in the 6th House. This can work well for businessmen eager to experiment with innovative ideas to soar over competitors. You will get an opportunity to shake off your financial constraints and limitations if you have been experiencing any lately at some level. Benevolent Jupiter may push ahead of your occupational prospects, forecasts Ganesha. In the 2nd week, exalted Moon in the 9th House will keep alive hope for better times. However, fiery Sun and Mars together with Rahu could burn a hole in your pocket. Be aware! An urge to undertake charity work may engulf you here. By mid-month, Solar eclipse could prompt you to spend money substantially for a social or religious cause. However, ensure you do not go overboard in spending or borrowing money to meet your commitment. Mid month, Saturn becomes direct in motion. Planetary positions in the last week indicate that you could be gripped by Monday blues. You will be passionate to move ahead, but lacking in zeal and enthusiasm. But don’t panic. This will be short-lived. Moon coming in contact with Saturn now will inspire you to spin new and fresh strategies to accelerate the pace of progress. Combined influence of Saturn and Jupiter on the 6th and 10th House will facilitate long terms benefits and gains. Employed ones need to cautious about the relationship with coworkers, counsels Ganesha. Do not have a confrontationist’s attitude. And, do not hold grudges against people differing with your opinion. Remain careful about health.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

It’s the moon that will have strong bearings on you at the beginning. A lunar eclipse happens with Moon in Aquarius in the 5th House and influenced by Mars. As such full Moon brings to surface the inner sides. Now lunar eclipse here can have varying effects. On the positive side, businessmen and professionals will have an important breakthrough by securing a long awaited deal with high worth customers. The other positive development is about an old disagreement with an influential person getting amicably resolved now, informs Ganesha. Mercury turns retrograde, mid month. Here your fortunes could change drastically and conversely. Lack of effective communication with somebody big and significant could harm long term prospects. Flaring of emotions also need to effectively checked. While planning your finances, keep enough provision for contingencies. Around the 3rd week, Solar eclipse happens in fiery Leo through the 11th House, indicative of gains. Expect some enlivening and long lasting monetary gain in the due course of time. Over midweek, Sun acts to shift into your Sign Virgo. Virgo natives are prone to anxiety and are particular about perfection. As you get involved in building your finances, beware of the company you keep. Venus stationed in the 11th House does not augur well for bonds and alliances, especially new ones. Also, ensure that some differences here and there do not flare up into serious arguments and disagreements. This could strain old relationships – both at work place as well as home cautions Ganesha. Refrain from getting too offensive and inconsiderate. An aspect of aggressive Mars on Moon in Scorpio will keep you passionate about boosting your earnings. Influence of Saturn over your sign and Sun posited therein, does not sound well for your health in general. Ruler of Sign Mercury reenters fiery Leo, moving in retrograde mode, as the month ends.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

The big task ahead of you this month is to break the shackles of fear and limitations. Ruler of your Sign Mars along with mighty Sun and malefic Rahu in the 10th House will act as driving force to push yours ahead on road to progress. Luna Eclipse in the 4th House will help you fight constraints that have held you back so far in achieving your goals. And, Venus posited in the 9th House will activate Lady Luck. Though, looking at the positions of Saturn and Jupiter, refrain from taking any major decisions related to finance, for the time being, advises Ganesha. Wait for a more opportune moment. In the 2nd week, retrograde Mercury camping in the 11th House, indicative of gains, could act as a game spoiler. In the sense, you may not be able to take advantage of good opportunities heading your way. Add to this retrograde Saturn stationed in the 2nd House also does not seem supportive of any significant monetary gains. On the contrary, you may incur some unexpected expenses on a religious ceremony. Retrograde Mercury here could adversely affect a meaningful relationship. According to Ganesha, the best way to counter such negative developments is to keep your head on your shoulder and be watchful of pitfalls. Around the 3rd week, Solar eclipse in the 10th House could lead to challenging times at work. However, this could lead to an important breakthrough that could benefit you. Even employed ones can expect some blessings in the coming days. As the month draws to a close, you will be focused and motivated to perform optimally. Moon will help you to keep the passion alive and energized to work tirelessly for extended hours. However, Mercury in retrogression could delay results. You will garner all your patience here to make it a smooth run.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Be prepared this month to come out of your comfort zone and take risks. As you go along you will realize that great, otherwise unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking. At the beginning, Lunar eclipse takes place in the 3rd House. This signifies clearing of hurdles in your way to progress. Those in business will feel encouraged by receiving calls from high worth customer from outstation to negotiate a big ticket deal. Here, be prepared to accept new challenges for pushing forward your prospects. Around the 2nd week, planetary positions indicate a negative tendency. You might be inclined to show off your affluence among social circles and friends. Fortunately, Saturn posited in your sign may keep you grounded and focused on your work, informs Ganesha. Jupiter may boost monies. However, with Mercury being retrograde do not raise your aspirations too high. By mid-month, you could anticipate a small spell of luck and fortune. You could make some impressive advances. Be prepared to undertake a long distance is travel also. However, for results to precipitate, you will need to wait till crafty Mercury and Saturn become direct in motion. As the month draws to a close, Sun now poised in the 10th House will help you focus on tasks on hand and get methodical. Take decisions related to finance with due deliberation and not driven by instinct. Mercury re-enters fixed nature fiery Leo. Promising opportunities will surface and spread cheer. Refrain from taking shortcuts to boost finances, advises Ganesha. Do not get distracted by seemingly good options. Weigh all breaks and options before taking the plunge, so that you do not have any regrets later. Keep this idiom in mind: Better to be safe than sorry, urges Ganesha.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

This month, you will be eager to come up with new ideas to keep operations, products, and services fresh and booming. A lunar eclipse takes place at the beginning in humanitarian Aquarius in the 2nd House. Of course, the influences will depend on which part of the world you are stationed. Also, planets in your Natal chart have greater say while accessing after effects of the eclipse. With Full Moon in Aquarius, you will be impatient to experiment and test out different thoughts and approaches to push ahead of your financial prospects. Aquarians are caring and compassionate. So, even though you may be immersed in chalking out new strategies and plans for work, your family is never forgotten. They hold prime of place and their well-being will always remain your priority, points out Ganesha. In the 2nd week, Venus posited in the 7th House is likely to facilitate the smooth running of day-to-day activities. However, with Mercury in retrogression, keep your future plans on hold. This does not look like an auspicious time to undertake anything new. It would be great if you could introspect and ponder on your game plan in life. Around mid-month, a solar eclipse takes place in the 8th House. If planets in the natal chart are also supportive, gain through inheritance seems to be in the pipeline. If any health issue troubling you requires surgery, this eclipse may push things ahead for the same. The after effect may vary with the location you are in. As the month draws to a close, with dear Venus having joined the company of Mars and Rahu in the 8th House, you could loosen up a bit, chill and relax, recommends Ganesha. Hard work accompanied by hard play can provide the perfect recipe for attainment and accomplishments. As Sun, ruler of 8th House is being influenced by Saturn, you need to be vigilant about your health. Take care even of small issues and seasonal nags.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

A lot of your time will go into deep thinking and introspection this month. At the beginning, a lunar eclipse takes place with full Moon in your sign. Your thoughts will converge inward. Yu will think about yourself actively with regards to work, money, success, progress, and family. You could also be drawn to meditation and spiritual pursuit. The position of Jupiter in the 9th House seems indicative of sound finances. Those employed can expect a lengthy, challenging task to land up in their lap. You will sail through if you apply yourself with concentration, says Ganesha. Combust Mars in close connection with Sun and Rahu could give rise to unnecessary tempers. Remain careful about temperamental tendencies. Being overly impatient could harm your prospects. The coming days to do not bring much good news. By mid-month, Solar eclipse takes place right in opposition to your sign. As an after-effect, issues in a confirmed relationship and personal matters could crop up. Keeping your folks together may require a lot of tact and diplomacy. Iron out differences amicably so that harmony is maintained at all levels. Students may find it difficult to concentrate and focus on their studies and make poor progress. Finally, Saturn becomes direct in motion and will bring relief. No more looking back for you now. Monetary gains too happen to your satisfaction. Mercury moving in retrograde mode reenter fiery Leo. A cluster of four planets in the 7th House may throw a spanner in your work and frustrate. Schedule your activities according to priority and act accordingly. Do not try to downplay committed to others. This could sour your business relationship and dent your reputation. Remain attentive to health.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Hard work and pleasure seeking could be the overriding activities for you this month. The planetary configurations will put you in touch with your inner feelings and thoughts. A lunar eclipse takes place with full Moon in Aquarius through the 12th House. Aggressive Mars aspects this full Moon here. This brings to the fore matters to the psyche and consciousness. You may be overcome by a strong urge here to enjoy pleasures of life, without any reservation or inhibitions. Fulfilling your deep desires reigns supreme currently. Though with wily Saturn stationed in the 10th House there is no escape from hard work and sweat. In the 2nd week, it is Mercury that influences you pivotally. Retrograde Mercury transits through own Sign Virgo in the 7th House. This position does not support the smooth running of routine activities. Communication glitches may play havoc here. Remain level headed even when things are not moving your way, advises Ganesha. Midmonth, a solar eclipse occurs that falls in the 6th House. Constraints and adversities will bother you. The way ahead looks clear without encumbrances and roadblocks. So, stay cheerful! In the coming days, Sun leaves own sign fiery Leo and migrates into dual nature earthly Sign Virgo, in opposition to your sign. Thankfully, Saturn becomes direct. This will reduce resistance and hassles in day-to-day activities. Last days of the month see Venus moving into Leo, your 6th House. This will ease pressure on professionals. As the month draws to a close, debilitated Moon passing through your 9th House receives strong vibes from aggressive Mars. You will formulate new strategies for growth plans and desirable development. Mercury moving in retrograde mode reenters fiery Sign Leo in the 6th House, as the month ends. Be prepared for some challenging times ahead.


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