Monthly Horoscope For June 2017

According to your moon signs, we have come up with an accurate prediction about the upcoming month of June. For some, it proves to be a really good period and some may face certain troubles.


Personal Life: You may suddenly prefer behaving calm and confident. Your general grumpy nature will be outstood by your willingness to do something, still, you may behave a bit mean. It will still be hard for others to put up with you, but they will start looking to you with a better sense of respect. Relationship with neighbors and siblings will still tense. This will be a good time for you to connect with your spouse and spend some quality time. Those looking for love will find it.

Travel: Short travels will be beneficial, especially in 2nd half.

Health: There will be problems in the face and mouth area in the first half.

Career: Financially, 1st half would be a tough period. Investment decisions should be postponed to 2nd half. Projects and business plans can be executed through the month, but the extra effort from superiors, govt., etc. will be available in 2nd half. Here too, on your own, you can make judgment errors and should keep taking help from peers and superiors. Be a team player. You may end up earning through the sale of real estate. Students will have a good time this month learning new things.


Personal Life: Be careful about how you deal with your relationships. Instant reactions and words may give you a setback, so think twice before you say or do something. Friendships may become more important for you during the month, especially the middle portion. New people who you meet during the 2nd half will not be very helpful. You need to be wary of them. You should not generally get caught in emotions. If you keep a cool head, problems will not occur during the month. You can have good and luxurious time with your partner.

Travel: Short trips during 1st half will be good. They can be tiring and may not yield results. However, if you plan well in advance, these trips will be fulfilling.

Health: Anxiety issues will create problems during 1st half. Stress will cause health issues. Bad habits can be picked up. 2nd half indicates problems with eye, ENT and mouth problems.

Career: You may have issues resolving your loans. You will need to find a way to keep a tab on it. There is also a case of displeasure from authorities at the top. Investment in unknown areas must be avoided. Especially property related things are highly not recommended for you. Students belonging to this sign may have issues concentrating in studies.


Personal Life: Being selfish will not help you achieve your requirements. Diplomacy is missing because of rash approach. This can cause disputes and strife. The latter part of the month is better for dealing with people. Even within this, you should be able to find time for romance and have a good time with your partner. Parties and other leisure activities are indicated.

Travel: Short travels will be beneficial after 20th of the month. You may get separated from your family for pursuing career requirements.

Health: Lack of sleep, eye infections, and stomach problems are indicated in 1st part of the month.

Career: Lack of diplomacy, rash approach and associated disappointments with people around you will make you moody. You will stumble into obstacles by your own doing. Government and authority may not be helpful. Be careful with court cases, litigation, etc. Team work will be good, if people around you can tolerate you and vice versa. Overall income will still be good. Expenditure on interiors of the house is indicated.


Personal Life: The month seems to be great. You will have a very auspicious time ahead. Relationships outside of family will not be supportive. Even within the family, take care of how you deal with your partner and children, especially after 2nd half of the month as there are some obstacles indicated. Past actions tend to catch up during such transits.

Travel: Short travel is indicated during the month. It will be tiring and fruitless.

Health: Mental worries will cause physiological problems. Sleep disorders, stomach, and digestive system disorders are also indicated. Be careful with chest infection as well.

Career: Career progression will hit breaks in 2nd half. You will not get credit for a lot of your work and will have to share your success with others. This may not be as per your liking. Avoid indulgence in mean acts against such injustice. You will continue to be creative in your communication and marketing yourself. Use this creativity to balance the problems described here.



Personal Life: You can say that a very romantic month is ahead. Romantic relationships will face obstacles mainly because you will not find a lot of time for enjoyment. It’s a pity! Those who want to get into relationships should work around this problem.

Travel: There are no major indications about travel during the month. Short term travel will be good, but there can be obstacles.

Health: There are no health problems during the month. Overall health problem will be limited to stomach problems, gas and that too in the 2nd half.

Career: Too much stress at work or delay and fear in decision making will cause a problem with usual aggression and go-getter attitude. Otherwise, the career will be on the upswing. A job change for better is indicated. New ventures will come your way. Be a team leader and do not let doubts and uncertainties destroy the teamwork. Talk to your superiors about career progressions and promotions. Money through the acquisition of land is indicated as well.


Personal Life: The second half of your month will be great with your family. New people will get introduced to you readily. There is a chance for you to become absorbed in your own self and have anger sitting on your nose-tip. Avoid this impulse.

Travel: Travel is indicated only in 1st half. There are no major indications otherwise.

Health: Eye and ear diseases are indicated in the 1st half. Heart problems can start if you are taking too much stress.

Career: While you will have problems aligning with superiors during the 1st half, things should take a turn for better starting with 2nd half. Don’t be too reckless in promoting yourself in front of others. Gains through business partners, spouse are indicated. Property, real estate transactions will bring profits. 1st half of the month can bring legal problems and disrepute. Students will have a good time later in the month to crack their exams and do well.


Personal Life: In the first half, there will be unnecessary and totally avoidable arguments with partners/spouse. During the month and especially in 2nd half, there will be some clashes with father and other mentors.

Travel: Long distance travel will be auspicious if planned ahead. Religious travel can also be undertaken.

Health: Fear of unknown will create anxiety issues. Anger will increase and can lead to rising in blood pressure. Accidents are indicated in 2nd half. Be careful with muscle pulls during the month.

Career: Be careful with finance in partnerships if you are involved in a business venture. Be careful with unethical people around you as they may try to take advantage of you. Finance and property dealing will be helpful in the 1st half. 2nd half will be tough as there may be too many things on your mind and you may be forgetful, miss appointments, etc. Be careful if you are scheduling important meetings like interviews. Students will have favourable time in 1st half, but 2nd half will be tough for them too.


Personal Life: Home environment will be antagonistic. You need to be careful not to start unnecessary arguments with spouse and his/her side of the family. Do not try to stay in your relationships during the month. Communication is key and detailed explanations are required to keep relationships going.

Travel: Long distance travel is throughout the month, but there will be problems and stress during travel.

Health: Be careful with what you are eating. Overall immunity will be low.

Career: Advice the from previous month is applicable here too. Dealing with partners will be difficult at the place of business. Maintain transparency and good communication, especially in area of finance otherwise, it will become difficult for you to maintain the partnership. There will be lot of confusion on how to deal with a situation – whether to dominate it or to let others dominate. Take the non confrontational way out. Loans will be hard to come by. Joint property dealings will still be good. Students will continue to do well. Some results will come down this month, but overall still be positive.


Personal Life: 1st part of the month will be better the for home environment. 2nd half with Sun and Mars both in 7th house will create problems at home and with partners. Those involved in lover affairs will also face issues. Breakups can also be triggered, if the relationship was going bad due to other reasons. Domestic worries can be solved with good communication though. For Sagittarius men, Venus can kindle romance if they pay attention to their ladies.

Travel: There are problems indicated with travel during the month. Accidents, problems can happen.

Health: Indigestion, stomach and gastric problems are indicated. Can be addicted to drinking, smoking during the month. Be careful.

Career: 1st half of the month shows that you will do well with people around you. However, 2nd half is not as supportive. You need to be compromising in your attitude. Coworkers and business partners can cause irreparable harm if you are egotistical and abusive towards them. Use kind words to make peace with people around you. Take help from others and negotiate well. That way, you and others can reach win-win situation.


Personal Life: If sadhe-sate was starting to bother you, then you will get a respite for few months. This will be a good month for family affairs, while 1st half will still be tough. 2nd half indicates comfort of home. For those couple trying for a child, this is a good month for conception.

Travel: Pleasure trips and vacations are indicated.

Health: Health will overall be good. You should worry about the health of kids in 1st half. Laziness will continue from the previous month, but things will turn for better in the 2nd half.

Career: For important projects, make all plans ready in the 1st part of the month. Execute these projects in 2nd half of the month. In the first half, be careful with loan officThe gain. The gain of wealth is indicated. You will be able to learn new skills. Students will continue to have good time. Gains from land, agriculture, selling of houses is indicated.


Personal Life: Comfort of the home will be missing in the 1st half. Kids will not have a good time in 2nd half of the month. Those in romantic relationships should be careful not to have too many arguments with one another. The hectic period at home is indicated, which can lead to auspicious events being organized.

Travel: Travel will continue from the previous month. Otherwise, there are no major indications of travel during June.

Health: Chest and heart problems, the abdominal problem can occur during the month. Be careful with blood pressure also. Existing conditions will worsen. You may lose peace of mind.

Pisces: Financial problems, rather a stress, is indicated due to real estate. Whether this will lead to actual problems or just stress depends on strength of 4th house in your chart. Harassment from corrupt people is indicated. Speculations, e.g., gambling, stock market trading will not help during the month. Conservative trading will be good for you. Overall reputation will be high at the place of work and business. Expenditure on yourself and family is indicated. You will spend money to surround yourself in comfort.


Personal Life: 1st half of the month will be good for you when dealing with people around you. There will be problems in domestic settings as getting along with family members will be tough. Relations with parents will be difficult. Still, good food at home and general comfort are indicated. You will be able to placate those around you will good gifts. This way, you can open the doors which will be otherwise be closed due to unreasonable behavior on your part.

Travel: Short travels are indicated. In the 2nd part of the month, they will be tiring.

Health: Fever, body ache is indicated during the month. Spouse and mother will suffer from illness as well.

Career: Finish off important projects in the 1st half when things are going well from the previous month. Otherwise, through the month, there is opposition at a place of work. Sale of immovable property will not be helpful as legal difficulties are indicated. Be careful with money when dealing with it among friends. You may not like their attitude and may feel cheated. Otherwise, money situation will be good. Students and teachers alike will have a good period in 2nd half. This also means that professionals who want to learn new skills will be benefited.



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