Monthly Horoscope November 2017

November marks the dawn of fall and is lovely in its own way. It’s always that month that leads you into the end of the year and reminds you of a new beginning to come. Astrological predictions consider Horoscope November 2017 to be of a mixed energy driver. For some it may bring immense luck and for some it may show certain dissatisfaction. So, whatever luck has for you, always remember that you are the one solely responsible for your own fate.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Jupiter will be in a transition phase and hence will be beneficial for you. Your social standing will increase prominently and you could make new contacts which may help you in furthering your career goals. This month would also be favorable for students who are preparing for competitive examinations. But, this month may not be favorable for the ones who wanna get married. You should also not prefer going for any long distance journeys and take care of your health.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Ashtam Shani period is seen to prevail in your planets this month and hence has a higher probability of giving certain negative results. Hence, you may encounter difficulties and obstacles at your workplace. On the other hand, this transit is favorable for love related activities. Your children will give you full happiness and you’d be very proud of them and their achievements. Sun’s transit is favorable for people who are preparing for examinations or competitions. There are high chances of their success in this phase. You will also be seen at the best of your health, but not as good for your maternal relatives as one or more of them might fall sick in this transit.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

People working in jobs could find going tough for them in this transit phase. Bosses could find that their subordinates are not supporting them. Employees could find their bosses are not happy with them. But Saturn would spice up your life and the ones who going steady in love are, they’d be able to strengthen their love bonds. People planning for marriage will find this phase positive for their plans. People who are already married will find their married relations are at their best. This transit is also not favorable for the health of your children.


This month will be much favorable for career and business activities. It will also be beneficial for you regarding your popularity in social circles. It will also bring positive results for people who are in educational pursuits. On the other hand, it is not favorable for your relations with your spouse and there are chances of having some arguments and difference of opinion with your spouse. Traveling will be fruitful for business as well as personal reasons. This month may create some health niggles for you and hence you need to be careful for the same.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

November transits are favorable and it will ensure you have an uninterrupted flow of money with you and your business is running in a smooth fashion. Your work will be at its best and you will be able to have better results. A job change to a much better place and position may also happen to you. Family relationships may get a bit affected but will get back t0o normal during the end of the month. The health of your children may be sluggish, but you’re as well as your parent’s health will be satisfying.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

You will tend to expand and grow your job role within the company you are currently working in. There is a high possibility of promotion or appraisal the coming month. Family and personal relations will also move towards the betterment. Traveling will be beneficial, while educational pursuits will be a mixed bag as students will find that their best efforts are not giving the desired results. You may have difficulties in health issues in this phase.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

November is not much favorable for your career-related activities. Chances of losses and wasteful expenditure would remain high. But, somewhere down the lane, certain planets are favoring a sudden hike in power and finance in your career. This month is favorable for family related issues but not be fruitful for journeys. It is a good phase for educational pursuits especially for academics or any intellectual pursuits. Transits are adverse for your health and it is not good for your parents and kids too.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Till the 16th of November, you will find things on the tuff side. If you are expecting a transfer, then chances are that your transfer would be to a hostile inconvenient place which won’t be of your choice. You should refrain from a risky and speculative transaction. Neither is this much favorable for your social life. Your relatives and friends might prove to be unhelpful. You are under the influence of Sade Sati as Saturn is transiting in 2nd from your moon sign. You may have a difference of opinion with your relative and family members. Transits are not favorable for students as well as traveling for business or personal reasons. Transits are not helpful in your health-related issues. The health of your parents particularly mother would remain sluggish. So overall, November won’t be much appreciable but still good is yet to come.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

Your transits in November are going to be favorable and you can expect good career results. Family life would be a bit disturbed but then things will change for the better later. Traveling for business and official reasons may not be fruitful, while students will have to work extra hard for the educational results. The health of your spouse will be sluggish, while your own health and your kid’s health will be delicate.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

The transits of November are favorable for people who are running a business or are working somewhere. Overall results will ensure that career and financial results are satisfactory this month. There’s a higher probability of you changing your job to a much better place. Personal and family relations will be average due to adverse Rahu Transit. Health will not be that great but should also not be a serious matter to look into.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

You seem to be fortunate in your career and financial pursuits in November 2017. Your new deals and pending contracts would bring in a lot of success. People may seem a bit unhelpful whereas family will be highly supportive. These transits are also good for social popularity. Jupiter’s transit is good for traveling as well as educational pursuits. Transits are not helpful for close relatives health. Your own health will be little sluggish.


Monthly horoscope August 2017

You may face certain embarrassments or may be conflicts in terms of your business. The transits are also adverse for your finance and career pursuits. They are also adverse for your personal as well as social life during this month. Educational success would come only if you tend to do immense hard work, and on the other hand, these transits will create disappointment for you if you are undertaking any long distance or short distance traveling. Health will also seem to be sluggish this month. Overall, you will not have a very good month ahead, yet good things will arrive later.



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