Monthly Tarotscope September 2020 by Ruchika B

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, Happy September! Check out your Monthly Tarotscope as per your zodiac signs.

monthly tarotscope september 2020

Aries Tarotscope

Fortune wheel is every turning. Are you prepared to embrace the new changes that will enter your life? Step into the world of conscious actions and fruition. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to indulge in some exercises that would help in bettering your postures. Some of you would also be drawn towards yoga to shed excessive stiffness or weight near thighs and knees. Results of your hard work would start to show, keep moving ahead and chase your dreams. Whatever you are manifesting and trying to achieve, life is giving you a fair chance.
Lucky colors: Green, Brown

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Taurus Tarotscope

This is a month to wear your thinking hat as you would be full of ideas. You would be engrossed in giving shape to these ideas and thoughts. While you are on this path, don’t forget to do a reality check, weigh the pros and cons. Remain open to learnings and insights that come your way in an unexpected manner. Expand your horizon keeping long-term in mind. Don’t get drawn towards toxic vibes; or people who have a tendency to pull you down. Sign up for a new course or a workshop that would enable your career journey.
Lucky color: Yellow

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Gemini Tarotscope

A period where you would enjoy a state of luxury and would want to indulge in a high-end lifestyle. Some of you would also plan to slow down and just enjoy a state of bliss. Earthy elements like walking, outdoor activities, planting trees would make you happy. You would be surrounded by a female figure who would play a vital role in your life. This person would be resourceful and would help you in elevating to something bigger. Stay grounded and be kind to others.
Lucky colors: Green and dark brown

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Cancer Tarotscope

You would be full of energy and would be surrounded by people who have a creative bent. Are you utilising this boundless energy to create something useful? Are you channelising your temperament in the right direction. Something new would come up for you this month, stay tuned. I am also seeing your confident and bold nature would make you the center of attention. Stay firm on your beliefs. Leverage your network which is available at your disposal. Lucky Colors: Orange & red

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Leo Tarotscope

You have the backing from the universe and your loved ones. Your foresighted approach would make you go the extra mile. People will be drawn to this unparalleled source of energy and charisma. You are a natural-born leader but this month your actions and thoughts would prove it for you and others. Lead your life with the intent and not something trivial. Adapt to new situations and challenges quickly this month. Lucky color: Red

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Virgo Tarotscope

You have been going all over the place and this is not helping you out. Where are you rushing to? This is a time to slow down and rest. If you have been experiencing pain in the back then don’t ignore it, consult a doctor. Your body and mind are racing and they need rest. It isn’t a phase to go an extra mile by ruining your health. Practice mindfulness to let go of what doesn’t serve you. You need to replenish your strength. Lucky color: Grey

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Libra Tarotscope

Bring your greatest potential into existence, you are enjoying this hard work. Deep down you know that seed by seed you are building a desirable future. Diligence and long term approach would help you in achieving your goals. Walk barefoot on the grass to stay grounded and to imbibe earthy energy. Remember that you are building a legacy by your actions and intent. Question yourself often, is that enough? Can you do better? What more can you do?
Lucky colors: black, green, orange, brown

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Scorpio Tarotscope

Deep down you would feel betrayed or would be disheartened. Release what doesn’t serve you, a new chapter is on the way but this chapter has to end. Take good care of your state of mind. Heal yourself, help is just a call away when it comes to dear ones. What is important right now to accept the current phase and preparing yourself for a better one. Take the lessons and move on, the dawn will knock on your door.
Lucky color: yellow

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Sagittarius Tarotscope

Family gatherings and harmony would prevail this month. Some of you would also enjoy a celebration that would come by your way. Married people or people who are going steady would go the extra mile to express themselves. The universe is asking you to make a wish with all the good intentions and feelings. Deep down you would be bubbling with satisfaction and happiness. Do some community service to give back to society at large.
Lucky colors: purple, violet, red

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Capricorn Tarotscope

You are about to take a leap of faith. This period is good to create an action plan that would reap benefits in the long run. Some of you would also be inclined to learn something; especially in keeping yourself fit. An expansion in your work can be seen on the cards. If you have been planning to travel to explore career or business opportunities then now is the time to give it a try. Keep moving in the progressive and right direction.
Lucky color: pink

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Aquarius Tarotscope

A month full of emotions and expressions. The whole idea of love or the feeling of love would bring a state of contentment within you. Some of you would also be receiving the proposal or would go out with your mate to confess your feelings. Let your imagination and creative juices flow. Create a new life force that would bring the balance in your life. Pure intentions would help you in making things seamless.
Lucky color: Red, peach, beige

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Pisces Tarotscope

You would be juggling between many things and this may make you lose track of what’s happening. Don’t build air castles, it would be good to have realistic expectations. Do your homework before you commit to something. Inflow and outflow of money can be seen. Some of you would experience pain in ankles and would complain of headaches. Prioritize and adapt to the situation.
Lucky color: Black and pink

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