Morning signs and what they mean

Science says that getting up in the morning fresh and happy will make your hormones active and brain fast. Similarly, Indian Mythology has its own set of beliefs intended to make your day better. We have spotted and jotted down some such beliefs.

Morning signs

Good Omen

  • It is said that on waking up you should watch your hands and chant this mantra to make your entire day successful. “My fingertips are Goddess Lakshmi, middle portion of the fingers Sarswati and palms Parvati”.
  • Looking at mother’s face or picture of God as soon as you open your eyes in the morning will bring good luck for that day.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water immediately after waking up will pure all your wrong deeds done the day before.
  • If you just woke up in the morning and someone comes to ask you for something, then this is sign of you getting back the money you had lent to someone.
  • A crow cawing outside a house in the morning or evening indicates a visitor.
  • Seeing milk early morning is a good omen

Good morning omen

Bad Omen

  • It is strongly believed that you must never watch yourself or anyone just after waking up, without washing your face.
  • If anyone sees a cat, just on awaking in the morning no work will be successful.
  • Watching a mirror immediately on waking up will bring immense bad luck.

Bad morning omen

It all depends on how we accept these believe and how positively or negatively we portray them in our life. Every belief has some logic associated with it when they were created, since our ancestors had much more presence of mind than us.

If you are aware of certain omens for the morning then do comment below.


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