Mount Abu Summer Festival: The Coolest Escape to Beat the Heat.

Summer is hitting the ground and Royal Rajasthan is about to crack the Heat. Mountains are calling and you must go to enjoy the remarkable beauty of the exquisite Mount Abu Summer Festival. Why not be a part of this festival and let the good times roll this summer. It’s always said-“To reduce your age, Increase your experiences.

Mount Abu Festival will be going to start by- Sunday, 29 December 2020 and ends up by Tuesday, 31, December 2020. Grasp the chance before it’s too late. It would get started one day before the Buddha Purnima festivity as per the Hindu calendar in the month of Aashadh (May or June).

The Significance of the Celebration on beguiling Hills:

The festival is intrinsically solemnized to welcome the peerless summer season to scrutinize/explore the splendor of the mountains in Mount Abu. Trippers across the world visit this beautiful Hill Station to crack the warmth of the season. This distinguished Summer festival in Mount Abu is a three-day Fiesta organized typically to showcase the sumptuous Rajasthan Culture including- traditional folk dance and classical full-throated music with terrific instruments. Exhibits the awareness about the tribal life, its community, and Lifestyle. It also displays the culture of Rajasthan, their garish life, and the dynamic essences. It used to be the favored summer breakout for the Rajput Kings of the Chauhan Kingdom in Rajasthan during British rule. Followed by them, it has now become the most –visited summer Destination for the people of Rajasthan.

What so special About this Vibrant Festival?

Summer is the Best time to travel to the Mountains. It’s always thrilling to explore the isolated charm of the hills during this season. The spesh Carnival of three days is an absolute blend of the traditional Jollifications and the amusement. There are some magnificent features, which makes this vivid gaiety a way unique.

community and Lifestyle

  • Tourer can truly feel the allure of nature at the peak of the mountain with the fusion of Rajasthan and Gujarat exquisite Cultures.
  • The three-day occasion displays the different shades of Rajasthan tradition through music, art, and cultural events.
  • Various performances are given by folk dancers and classical singers of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • All the visitors get to explore the diverse culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan.
  • The captivating location on the Hills draws visitors mind and they involve themselves in the festivity hues at an extent.
  • The most striking part of the Carnival is- Sham-e-Qawwali, which features some of the best folk singers from various parts of India.
  • The local Folks/Tribes treat their guests and the Visitors with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Their lively hospitality converts this cultural event into an unforgettable experience for the Mountain-Lovers.
  • Apart from all these traditional programmes, some other exciting events also are a part of the Festival which includes:

horse racing events

-boat races on the Nakki Lake etc.

beat the heat

Reasons Why We Should Not Miss this enchanting Summer Observance

  • It is one of the renowned Festivals celebrated in the Indian States of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is popular as- The Designer State of India “due to its divine culture, customs, and artistic tradition.
  • It is the leading state in terms of Art Forms and Musician Castes such as- Jogi, Langas, Manganiyar Sapera, and Bhopa. Peeps can spot all these varieties of distinct jamborees in this Fest.
  • Mount Abu is the most visited place in India after Kerala and Goa due to its rich heritage cultural Festivity during summers and winters.
  • During summers, the winsome climate on the Hillocks gives the perfect reason for the explorers to visit this place for the festival-fun.
  • On the eve of the Festival, the folks around are smeared in the colour of celebration with immense zest and fervour.

summer festival

  • The illustrious Mount Abu is blessed with prepossessing hard-rocks, incredible waterfalls and sublime lakes around. The Festival puts extra glitters and sparks to the vicinity.
  • The hospitality of the people, their lively culture and exotic location make this festival a memorable experience during your tours to Rajasthan.
  • If You are Passionate about Adventures Activities and exhilarating competitions such as- Skating, CRPF band performance, tug of war, Matka Race, Panihari, Deepdhan, and Horse Races, then you must join the Festivity and be a part of these sensational games and Sports.
  • A big fair (Mela) is also organised annually in the festival which is undoubtedly the biggest and the notable fair of Rajasthan. It is followed by fascinating Rajasthan folk dance forms including Gair, Ghoomar and Daph.
  • The very last day of this colourful Occasion ends with phenomenal fireworks and the glaring landscape of Mount Abu.

An escape to Mountain can be a good option to beat the heat. This ‘One of a Kind’ experience would definitely blow your mind in some other direction. You never know that this unforgettable and an exclusive getaway can become a Life time experience for you.


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