Must Know Shocking Facts For Hindus!

Hinduism is a belief of versatility consisting of a mixture of sects, cultures, and doctrines. In spite of all these differences, it stands as a unique and miraculous body. There are a huge number of Hindu followers but the major part of them preach Hinduism with BIGGGGGG misconceptions! Hence, let’s know the facts which are very important for any Hindu to be aware of. SOME MAY SHOCK YOU AS WELL!


Hinduism is not a religion!


Must know facts for Hindus


Hinduism, also known as ‘Sanatana Dharma’ is actually the way of life suggested by the ancient Vedic literature. The word Dharma here does not mean religion instead, suggests ‘the ways to live life in harmony’.


The word Hindu is not mentioned in any scripture!


Must know facts for Hindus


Hinduism actually is a name given by the foreigners as a nomenclature to the people residing in the Indian subcontinent. It is nowhere mentioned in the Vedas or the Upanishads.


There is no founder or religious supremacy claimed!


Must know facts for Hindus


Hinduism has evolved along with time and has been nurtured by many intellectual sacred people.


There is no caste discrimination in Hinduism!


Must know facts for Hindus


the Caste system is a practice invented by men and not mention in any sacred text. The word ‘Varna’ mentioned in the scriptures does not apply according to the birth of the man, rather applies to the nature of the person. Later it has perhaps been manipulated in the ‘Manusmriti’.


There is no concept of Vegetarianism!


Must know facts for Hindus


The upper cults i.e Brahmanas, who used to act as the decision makers earlier, introduced this concept of vegetarianism by taking inspiration from Jains and Buddhists.


Vedas are the central book of Hinduism!


Must know facts for Hindus


Lord Brahma is considered to be the author of the Vedas. It is believed that these scriptures were then passed down from the great sages to their disciples.


Mahabharata is the longest poem!


Must know facts for Hindus


Mahabharata is stated as the longest poem ever written. It consists of over 100,000 slokas and 200,000 individual verse lines.


Marriage was first introduced by Hinduism!


Must know facts for Hindus


The concept of Marriage was founded in Hinduism and later it was absorbed by other religions in the world.

If you feel that there are more such unknown facts on Hinduism which are not mentioned in this article, then please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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