The Mythological Story of Nachiketa and Yama : PART 2

The Mythological Story of Nachiketa and Yama: PART 2

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The Mythological Story of Nachiketa and Yama : PART 2

In Part-1, we have narrated about a sagacious Brahmin boy who once challenged his father- Sage- Vajasravasa, (famous as- Aruni Auddalaki Gautama)at a time of ‘Yagna’ to give him away to someone as a materialistic property. His father-Gautama has promised during a tough- Yagna about sacrificing his all possessions and capitalistic properties to the saints, rishis and the teachers after the Yagna completion. On this account, baby Nachiketa asked his father to donate his own children and wives as a part of sacrifice.

Nachiketa and Yama Story – Nachiketa gave a stupendous answer to his father’s question:

And what happened next was out of the world. Let’s continue the story and know what answer Nachiketa received after interrogating about his own sacrifice. Being a canny champ he did a noticeable feat that shocked everybody around (including his father) after hearing his father awful response.nachiketa mythology story

After asking several times, Sage Gautama angrily replied: I will sacrifice you to Lord-Yama- ‘The God of Death’. On grounds of it, a sixteen year boy-Nachiketa left for Yamloka and his father could not stop him. It is always said that- A father never tells you that he loves you, but inside out, he loves you beyond infinity. Correspondingly, Sage Vajasravasa never ever desired to send his loving son to the home of death (Yama’s abode).

Nachiketa and Yama Story – The reason behind disobeying his father:

In spite of it, Nachiketa made up his mind and came to a decision even though, Vajasravasa asked him to bide. Nachiketa- an adept young boy who didn’t ever intend to defy his father, despite the prevailing circumstances departed from his home and reached Yamloka.

Nachiketa never wanted to openly disregard or disrespect his father by refusing to admit his words. The small boy accepted the sacrifice and conveyed his father that their forefathers never went back on their words therefore he wished to do the same by keeping his promise.

Nachiketa and Yama Story – A path of Liberation-Moksha:

Being a matured boy, Nachiketa believed that all the possessions and material desires in this worldly pleasure were ephemeral (temporary) on this earth. At a very early age, he wanted to attain Moksha (salvation) and was seeking for the path of perceiving Brahman. Since childhood, he was a follower of truth and he never feared of death. He comprehended that pursuing the path of truth is the door to heaven and the key to happiness is reduction of desires.moksha prapti, nachiketa , yamaha

In virtue of Moksha and Truth, He stepped out of his comfort life and walked into the vicinity of Yama. Woefully, Nachiketa did not spot out Yama at his home.

The story is still not completed and has some thoughtful lesson to share. Stay connected with us (rgyan) to discover the astounding end of this fascinating tale.

To Be Continued……..



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