The Mythological Story of Nachiketa and Yama : PART 3

The Mythological Story of Nachiketa and Yama: PART 3

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The Mythological Story of Nachiketa and Yama : PART 3

Previously in part-2, we have read about how Nachiketa said Adieu (good-bye) to his father and left for Yamloka- The abode of Lord Yama on his father’s  call. Proceeding with the same, let’s now know what happened after Nachiketa reached the Home of Yama and didn’t find him inside it.

Nachiketa and Yama Story – A gift from Yama to kid- Nachiketa- Three Boons of his desire.

The gatekeeper outside Yamloka informed that Lord Yama had gone out and will be back after three days. Little Nachiketa decided to wait for three days outside his kingdom with all hope without consuming water and food. After a long wait (three-days), Lord Yama returned back to his abode and noticed a small young boy, half-starved and overtired was sitting at his doorsteps. He, forthwith, greeted the Brahman boy and welcomed home with extreme veneration and esteem.

Lord Yama contentedly asked: ‘My Dear, Nachiketa!! I am utterly impressed by your dedication and sacrifice. Owning to this, I would like to grant you 3 boons. Please pardon me for letting you wait so long. I request you to please share the three favours you wanted’.

Nachiketa and Yama Story – The three boons Nachiketa asked for

In return, Nachiketa replied- ‘I wish, I could endow my father, all the worldly desires and material properties, he ever wanted.

Lord Yama granted his first boon with a great pleasure.

As a second boon, Nachiketa desired to have knowledge of how one could reach heaven, the kind of Karmas & Yagas and the most importantly about the universal fire from which the entire creation has been initiated.

With the immense joy, Lord Yama expounded Nachiketa about the whole Vedic literature and conveyed the secrets of nature and its power.

Concluding with the third boon- Nachiketa enquired about- ‘The Secret of Death and What actually Happens after the Death’?

Nachiketa and Yama Story – Lord Yama imparted Knowledge about understanding one’s own motives or character

The third boon was so peculiar that Yama hesitated to answer the question asked by a very sincere child. Like a shot, he denied to respond on his scepticism.

On repeated requests, God of Death, Yama taught the chapters of self-knowledge and the separation of the human soul (the supreme Self) from the body.

He was eminently impressed by the young boy who chose the path of goodness and truth and refused to have the path of worldly pleasures. This way, Lord- Yama granted him with his very last boon and illuminated Nachiketa with the knowledge of the Aatman and how to attain immortality.

Nachiketa and Yama Story – Moral of the story is:

Nachiketa- ‘The first seeker’ enlightened us

One should always respect and obey his/her parents and to be kind to all living-beings and creatures is a true religion.

He also taught a lesson in the end-

If you are not willing to learn no one can help you. if you are willing to learn no one can stop you.!!


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