4 Common Myths About Christianity Debunked

Christianity is an ancient religion that dates back to over 2000 years. Followed by over 2 billion people, it is the second oldest Abrahamic religion. The sacred scripture of the religion, the Holy Bible, has been read and interpreted by various scholars, priests, and religious preachers, as well as academics, in their own unique ways. While this has been instrumental in the spread of the religion across geographical and cultural boundaries, it has also led to many misleading versions and interpretations of the religion, over the years. Here are a number of popular myths about Christianity and how they are absolutely wrong!

Jesus Is God

Contrary to the popular belief, Jesus is not God and neither did he, himself claim to be so. He has been mentioned in the Bible as the son of god. He was the messiah who was sent by God to pay for the sins of mankind with His own blood. As per the Gospels, Jesus was born to a human mother, he experienced hunger, thirst, and pain, which made him just as human as the rest of us. However, as the son of God, he took it upon himself to sacrifice to get the sins of human beings forgiven and to return them to the divine path of the lord.

Christianity Is Hateful

Christianity, as a religion is far from being hateful. Jesus only told people to love others, to hate the sins and not the sinner, and to be kind, patient, and forgiving. While it is true that some hateful people do try to use religion to justify their hate, but they are the ones Christ warns us to steer clear of Christianity does not teach discrimination, it is the “darkness” in the hearts of mankind, that harbor hate, which one needs to lose, to be a devout Christian. Thus, Jesus always preached to let go of hatred and be kind, even to one’s enemies.

Too Ancient For Today

The religion was founded over two thousand years ago, which definitely means that there are some things that might not work out as well in today’s context, but overall Christianity is far from being irrelevant. The basic teachings of Christ included love, kindness, compassion, none of these can ever go out of style. All of these virtues are still very essential for us, and hence, the words of Christ are never too old to be true. Christianity is an inclusive religion, that opens everyone with open arms, as long as they are willing to follow the path of the right.

The Bible Is Unrealistic

There are several arguments about the Holy Bible being unrealistic, starting with the talking serpent, but what people fail to understand is that it is a metaphor for the temptations of evil. There are many things in the Bible, that are metaphors, and when we take them too literally, we lose the essence of this book. Instead, read between the lines and you will understand how it is still not just about the meanings of the words, but the deep philosophy of it, that will guide you in every aspect of your life. Christianity is more than just a religion. It is a path of kindness, love, and forgiveness that leads its followers to heaven.

So don’t believe these kinds of myths about Christianity or any other religion.


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