MYTHS BUSTED! On Catholicism

Every existence has a myth associated. Similarly, the different religions followed by people have different mythological stories, rules, rituals, and myths associated. Catholicism has always been in controversy due to many factors. Let’s have a look at the myths associated with this sacred religion.

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MYTH: Catholics are not Christians

Catholic myths

FACT: If you understand the Catholic mythology, they seem to be the original Christians who had started this religion. Later, those who wanted to make changes in certain beliefs of Catholicism separated themselves and formed Christianity.

MYTH: Catholics are gender biased

Catholic myths

FACT: The Catholics for sure do not allow women to be priests, but it has a healthy reason behind. They do believe birth control is morally wrong and hence women should not be made to sacrifice these pleasures of life. If you observe closely, their rate of women in non-priest leadership positions is way higher than average. I can very confidently say that they are not feminists and respect women a lot.

MYTH: Marriage is prohibited for Catholic priests

Catholic myths

FACT: Priests are married! Some even have children and grandchildren. (This happens when a man is already married and a priest in a different denomination and then converts to Catholicism later.)

 But, for those who become priests when leading a single life are not allowed to get married. To be very frank, those who opt to become priests are the ones who voluntarily want to dedicate their life for the service of God. They choose God over a wife and no one forces them for that.

MYTH: Catholics Worship Statues

Catholic myths

FACT: Catholics do not worship Mary or statues; they worship God alone. According to them, Mary is a word they respect a lot something similar to the way we do to the kings and queens without actually worshiping them. They do not worship any statues; instead, use them as an inspiration or a memory.

MYTH: The Catholic Church Added Books to the Bible

Catholic myths

FACT: The books that are currently in the Catholic Bible are the same books that the church has always recognized as being in the Bible. It wasn’t until the 16th century that Martin Luther and the Reformers took seven books out.


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