Narasimha Jayanti – The Birthday of Half Human, Half Lion God

Narasimha Jayanti observes the birth anniversary of Lord Narasimha, the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Narasimha is said to be the most fierce avatar of Lord Vishnu. He had come down to earth in this avatar to destroy the evil and bring in the good. On this day Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha – a half-lion & half-man to destruct Demon Hiranyakashyap. This auspicious Hindu festival is celebrated on Vaisakha Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi(14th day). Vishnu devotees also observe fast on this day.

Narasimha Jayanti 2022 Date: Saturday, 14 May

Story Behind Narasimha Jayanti


There was a demon who became a self-acclaimed God. He thought his powers and ability to control people were enough for him to be known as the Almighty. He forced people into accepting him as their God and start praying for him instead of any other God. His tales of torture and exploitation of the people were very well known by everyone. Earlier by heavy penance, he had received a boon from Lord Brahma that neither animal nor man can kill him. He could not be killed by any weapons, neither in the day nor the night.

In the entire kingdom, there was only one person who never cared what Hiranyakashyap said and was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. And, that was his own son Prahlad. He was a small boy who was only 8 years old, but still had an understanding of right and wrong.

Lord Narasimha & Hiranyakashyap

The devil attempted to kill his son several times but Vishnu saved his greatest devotee. As Hiranyakashipu was blessed not to be killed by men or animals, Lord Vishnu had to get a body combined with Men and Animals and kill the devil on his final attempt to kill his son. This incarnation of Lord Vishnu is called Narasimha.

Rituals & Puja Vidhi

  • First of all, devotees should get up early in the morning during the Brahma Muhurta and take a bath.
  • New or fresh clothes should be worn.
  • On the day of Narasimha, Jayanti people keep fasting and visit temples since it is a very auspicious day to gain positivity.
  • At home, people offer puja to Narasimha and Goddess Laxmi.
  • Devotees take only light food and break the fast on the next day, after performing the Visarjana puja and giving daan to a Brahmin.
  • All types of grains and cereals are prohibited during Narasimha Jayanti fasting.
  • Devotees consider it auspicious if the festival comes on a Saturday with the combination of Swathi Nakshatra.
  • Narasimha is worshiped during the evening on the day of Vishaka Shukla Chaturdashi, as it is believed that Lord Narasimha appeared during the evening to kill Hiranyakashipu.
  • Jaggery and gram sprouts are offered as Naivedhya to the Lord.
  • Devotees also read the Narasimha avatar in the Bhagavata Purana.
  • It is believed that donating on this day to the poor and needy brings in a lot of good karma.

Mantra For Lord Narasimha

Offering flowers and fruits to Lord Narasimha by chanting the below mantra will help to receive his blessings.

Chant the below-given mantra 21 times



ugram viram maha-vishnum
jwalantam sarvato mukham
narasimham bhishanam bhadram
mrityur mrityum namam yaham


Narasimha & Prahlad

The time period in which Lord Narasimha had descended on Earth to destroy evil is considered to be highly auspicious. This time is considered to give many benefits if we observe a Narasimha Vrat.

  • Good health and prevention of health problems
  • It saves us from dangers, evils, and ghosts
  • It is great spiritual progress and salvation
  • It brings in Siddhi and enlightenment
  • It helps in dangers from enemies
  • It helps to get victory in court cases
  • It is great to obtain victory over enemies
  • It helps in spiritual motivation of children
  • It establishes ambitious income
  • It is great for family welfare and peace
  • It gains us success & prosperity in life

Astrological Significance

Astrological Significance

On this day, the Moon will be in the Star Swati, ruled by Rahu, and in the sign, Libra ruled by Venus, who is the day lord too. Venus will be placed in Taurus, which is another sign. Venus receives the aspect from Mars and Saturn. The star lord Rahu also receives aspects from Saturn. Venus shares the sign with Sun, Rahu is along with Jupiter and Saturn aspects these planets. So on this day, the energies of all the planets are present. It is an apt day for manifesting spiritual and materialistic goals.

The star Swati carries the energy of the wind, which has free movement and no binding. So this day will help you gain the freedom to move freely without any binding and fulfill all your wishes. This is a very intellectual nakshatra, seeking a breakthrough in psychological blocks that stops from achieving worldly success will be the apt prayer for this day. You can also seek to enter into the depth of spiritual advancement to cleanse yourself to receive and achieve material success.

This is the right day to take away all the negative traits like jealousy, ego, obstinacy, complexity, etc. The inner qualities that are hindering and restricting you to move forward in your life.


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