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New Year Celebration 2019: 8 Best Divine places for spiritual events

8 Best Divine places for New Year Celebration in India

Another year is heading and we have not yet planned where to celebrate this upcoming fresh year to make the Eve memorable. Everybody is certainly planning for the best place to be, at midnight when the clock hits 12:00 am on December 31? Oh, by the way, have you ever thought of a sacred celebration? Your answer would be No, definitely. So, how about trying something offbeat this New Year and take a visit to nearby spiritual and divine vicinity? We have come up with a list of some holy places across India from the famed religious temple- Vaishno Devi Temple to the most popular Dargah- Ajmer-e- Sharif, for the best annual celebrations. The entertainment and whoopee should go on for a long time, at least last for 2-4 days in a go.

Many spiritual places offer an ample variety of religious and spiritual activities during New Year’s Week. Bhajan, kirtans, stupendous fireworks, puja- ceremonies and phenomenal cultural traditions can be seen in some of the pious places across the globe, especially in India. These places celebrate New Year with a great pomp, enthusiasm and fervour in India, therefore, whenever we start something new; visiting a religious or sacred place to seek blessings is a must. Here, we are writing down a list of sacred places exclusively for you to celebrate this brand new year in an exotic way.

1- Golden Temple (Amristar)

If you are at Amritsar and willing to celebrate your New Year in a religious place, why not commemorate this festivity in the most unique sacred Gurudwara- Golden Temple. Explore something religious by the end of the year and be a part of the sacred rituals inside the Gurudwara. People say it is most religious zealous region that kindles the holiness, calmness and the tranquillity among the devotees and the visitors. It is not only prominent and divine centres for Sikh community but also an awesome godly place for welcoming a fresh New Year. Gurudwara is embellished on the eve of New Year with colourful lights and glints for the commemorations. People across the world, congregate together to celebrate this big festival inside this temple premises.

New Year Celebration in Amritsar

2- Iskcon Temple

People love celebrating New Year by partying hard, the whole night with their loved ones. They start booking tables and seats in the most happening places across the country. We have come up with a very unique place to visit on this New Year that would actually whirl your mind and soul away. Visit ISKCON temple by chanting the Jaap of Hare rama Hare Krishna to get immense blessing of Radha- Krishna for the upcoming months and years. We have always heard devotees commemorate in this famed Krishna’s temple to celebrate Janamashtmi every year. However, People have also shared their views on social media platforms about their sacred visit to ISKCON Temple during New Year. Go and explore Mathura on this occasion and have a blast in a very different way. The celebrations begin with the enchanting presentation on ‘Dasavatar’ and thus the pilgrims and tourists are left fixed to their seats till eternity.

New Year Celebration in ISKON

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3- Sai Baba Temple (Shirdi)
Umpteen people often search for a calm and serene place to celebrate this big day and they google to explore the most popular spot for the inner peace and tranquillity. We have actually researched and hence spotted a great spiritual and serene place to celebrate your New. Yes, we are here fast-talking about SHIRDI (Sai Baba Temple) which is undoubtedly a holy and quiet place to commemorate special occasions like New Year. You will surely not find a better place to visit the sanctuary of Shirdi other than New Year Eve. As the centre of temple’s attraction is the euphoric music of the Sai Baba Aarti along with the hymns of the mantras and the prayers on the New Year day.

New Year Celebration in Shirdi


Have you ever thought to experience celebrating New Year on the Bank of the Rivers? A New Year on Ghats will take you to another world for sure. New Year is celebrated with a pre-eminent devotion, serenity and enthusiasm on the Ghats of Varanasi (City of Ghats) every year. Unquestionably, it is a sumptuous and the most lightening whereabouts for the visitors on the Eve of New Year. The attraction point is the lights around the Ghats, floating candles and fireworks which play great roles in adding up the Glimmers on the evening, indeed. We always cry for the best booze out places to celebrate New year in India, however it’s not always needed to party hard in a club or a pub, instead you can rejuvenate and refresh yourself, your body and soul by travelling to Varanasi which is situated on the Ganges Ghats.

New Year Celebration in Varanasi

5-Ajmer-e- Sharif (Ajmer)

A visit to Ajmer-e-Sharif on New Year would add sparks and glimmers on your Fere. People should visit this soothing and holy place for extra- charm on this pleasant festivity. The Dargaha of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti is dedicated to the Sufi saint and is very popular to fulfil the wishes of people who visit this holy place on the special occasions. Visitors and local residents say that the atmosphere around the ‘Dargaha’ is very amiable and buzzing with devotion and tranquillity. Populace enjoy the famed Qawwali at the Mehfil-e-sama, in
front of the ‘Dargaha’ after the prayers which is the first step towards celebrations followed by Sufi melodies night.

New Year Celebration in Ajmer Sharif

6-Vaishno Devi, Katra (Jammu and Kashmir)

An excursion (small trip) to the eminent and the most beauteous shrine would definitely blow your mind in upcoming days. Yes, we are talking about the most renowned Vaishno Devi Shrine which is located at 5,300 feet in the Trikuta Hills and is visited by approx 12 million tourists annually. However, the perfect time to visit this unbeaten pilgrimage will be in the winters especially on New Year. The surpassing deity of Mother Vaishno is beautifully clothed in snow and makes for a sublime sight. Devotees come a long way to pay homage
on this auspicious occasion by enjoying the long 13 kilometre trek to the temple. Legend has it that only the lucky people get goddess’s blessings who is sited on the highest hillock in the form of Pindis.

New Year Celebration in Vaishno Devi
 7-Pushkar and Jaisalmer

The Bestest place to visit this New Year would be Rajasthan. We suggest you to take tickets to this place and make this New Year a momentous and noteworthy with your family members and friends. Make your plans for visiting Pushkar or Jaisalmer and explore their religious and sacred beauty by visiting holy places and sacred whereabouts. One must be aware of this fact, alcohol is strictly restricted inside those locales, Hence enjoy these places with non-alcoholic celebrations and for sure the places will turn your mood and mind to be more creative and of course more religious in every aspects. Do not forget to enjoy this Golden Heritage city with a spirit of sacred enthusiasm and adore its deserts camping, distinguished historical monuments and camel safari with extra pomp.

New Year Celebration in Pushkar

8-Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Goa is famous for its fun exotic beaches, vibrant Galas and far flung landscapes and sceneries. But, how about a trip to a religious place in Goa, this time on New Year? We have in kitty a place to worth watch whilst in Goa. Basilica of Bom Jesus Church which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, for sure makes your journey in New Year, an unforgettable one. This is one of the most famed and historic attractions of Goa. It is a 400 years church and a place of enormous beliefs. Local residents say this hundreds of year old Church is notable for accommodating the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. On every New Year, the Basilica is decorated with lights and flickers and the fetes start from Christmas. In the Basilica, the prominent tradition is lighting candles and singing Carols (hymns).

New Year Celebration in Goa

Do more of what makes you happy. Enjoy this holy tour with your family or friends and this trip would be one that you will not forget. From beginning to end it’s the ultimate ride to make it an unremarkable expedition. It hardly matters where you go, it’s always important to have a good company. Celebrate this fresh New Year with a noteworthy enthusiasm and zest.

Welcome New Year with a splendid fervour this time and visit your nearest religious and spiritual whereabouts for better jollification. Start your journey at least 2 days before or on the weekend to one of these religious and sacred places in India and collect the best moments out of it.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

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