New Year Resolution Ideas: Your First Step To The New You

New Year is on its way and aren’t you planning to make the best New Year’s resolutions? Well, if resolutions are not yet in your plans then gear up for it as they are life-changing. TRUST ME, they are!
Hence, it’s the time to sit and jot down a list of all changes or initiative you want to bring into your life to make it even better. However, we are here to help you with some spiritual, moral and self-development aspirations on your way. This initiative would for sure make you gain confidence, knowledge, charm and for sure happiness. Always remember- You are never too old to reinvent and refurbish yourself.

Here comes the most helpful resolutions that we promise will make your 2018 the best!!!!!!!!!!

Meditate and Do Yoga

new year resolution

Stress proves to be the biggest enemy. Take your first step towards throwing away these stress balls rolling down your blood. How do we do this?

Take the best resolution ever of contributing at least half an hour of your daily routine for the cleansing of your soul. This will surely relax and rejuvenate your inner soul and help you to perform well. Make sure to meditate which will remove your stress and sharpen your mind. Perform Yoga to clean your internal organs, make yourself healthy and stay active. This itself solves more than half of your problems. Isn’t it?

Tip: Make sure to take deep breathes more often. It will keep your mind cool and enable you to think more productively.

Being Spiritual is the new cool

new year resolution

Well, all of us think that people who are spiritual tend to have an outdated lifestyle and mentality. Guys….. Let me tell you that being spiritual is the new cool!

Just imagine… Being spiritual can make you a superhero and aren’t superhero’s the coolest? We will tell you how!

We all respond to trouble, distress, control, and doubt. One should actually prevent oneself from the temptation and let Spirit try a new way to improve the real one. Just plan for everything to work out and allow opportunities to come your way. The result you are trying to force may not be as good for you as the one that comes naturally and spiritually. Try to be more spiritual this year and rehabilitate yourself smartly. Believe in yourself and spread
your positive vibes, wherever you go…. Try to amplify your inner-self and the people around you would get attracted towards your positive vitality and the spark you have.

Admire what is sacred and divine/ Believe in God

new year resolution

Do you believe in GOD? If YES, Then impress him/her by your extra- devotional activities and practices. And if your answer is NO, then try to show your divine homage and devotion by becoming more spiritual and religious the upcoming year. Because the real and the true Happiness lies in praying God by all your hearts out. Some people around us spend much time digging into the world’s great wealth of scriptures. Priests/Saints and
human representatives of God (Godmen) have never-ending riches. Digging into this treasure will help you get out of all the obstacles. The disclosures of anesthetic or a sage might be the right catalyst at the moment when your soul wants to sparkle and flourish.

Make Ayurveda Your Friend

new year resolution

Ayurveda’ stands for ‘Science of Life’. ‘Ayurveda’ is a panacea of all the diseases and thus carries protocols for all the predicaments. Prefer the intake of the valuable and precious herbs and natural medicines on a daily basis which will strengthen your immunity and make you the healthiest and most beautiful as well. Instead of all the chemical cosmetics, drugs, beauty products, packed products etc; prefer natural spices, roots, herbs and medicinal plants. As Hindu Mythology and ‘Vedic Puranas’ say ‘Ayurveda’ is a traditional system of medicine. Hence, try to be more into Ayurveda this upcoming year.

Eat Healthy/Be Fit:

new year resolution

We all are choosy and love to munch our favored junks and dishes. We always forget to devour healthy foods and focus on what we like and admire. We must consume healthy and nutritious nourishments for staying active and agile around the day. Hence eating salubrious food is a great way to stay connected to yourself and your higher intellectualness. When we grant permission to our internal systems such as- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual to become choked and down by inactiveness, slowness, and unnatural substances, we explicitly block the opportunity for spiritual growth and subsequent awakening. So promise yourself to always keep your body and mind aseptic and lucid by feeding it nicely.

Chant Mantras

new year resolution

The greatest misconception people have that mantras are just myths! Well, you are just ignoring the magic which still exists on earth. Mantras are not just myth, they are secrets to collect the desired powers from the universe.

You feel the need of concentration? Do you lack some kind of strength? You desire some feelings? Every other need of yours can be fulfilled by chanting Mantras with complete dedication.

This New Year surrender to the power of nature. Get determined to extract the most positive energies from the universe at the right time and for the right requirements.

Don’t Be Materialistic

new year resolution

Why we are so materialistic, even though it does not make us glad and joyous? People also know that Materialistic stuff does not even lead to happiness and it is a distraction from what really matters because the more you have, the more you crave. So promise yourself and note down a brand new resolution in your diary to be less-materialistic this year. Distract yourself from the connections and the links to external things such as beauty, possessions, money, status etc. Fetch your attention to the internal, deeper, psycho-spiritual-relational process within. This will certainly bring you peace, calmness, and serenity throughout your life because when we focus on externals, enough is never enough and More is not always Better.

Spend Time in Spiritual Places/ Visit your dearest sacred or
a spiritual place

new year resolution

We all love to spend our precious time in visiting-Shopping malls, Parks, and restaurants. But we often forget to commemorate God in our spare time. Try something fascinating the upcoming months and take a ride to the spiritual locations like parks or museums which will have an immeasurable magnetic influence on you. The positive energy of these place never goes away. And yes, the positive vibrations of the people who are linked with these locations are still there.

Always try to satisfy your soul, enlighten your spirit and awaken your true-self. Just be yourself. Let People see the Real, Quirky, Imperfect, Flawed and Magical Person that you actually are. Start working on your resolutions and be the real you because in the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year and A Merry Christmas….Stay Fit and Healthy!



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