November 2018 Monthly Horoscope


November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Aries November 2018 Horoscope –


This month will be smooth for the Aries people. However, there will be no good cooperation with the colleagues at work. The business will be fit and fine. The economic situation will remain weak for some time. It is recommended to be little cautious from fire. You will get a support from a friend. It is also advised to focus on the house security a bit. To feel fresh, there is no better option than spending time with the family. Try to stay away from disputes.

Taurus November 2018 Horoscope –


Business will grow and take a new turn. There will be promotion in the job. Student will get success with hard work. A special benefit will be give, because of status and reputation. Difficulty may arise in marital life. Due to differences in ideas, stress will be there. Children will get a chance to visit on the tour. Some conflicts between colleagues at the workplace can happen. Do not interfere in anyones case to avoid defamation.

Gemini November 2018 Horoscope –


This month, you will have miscellaneous expenses. However, trading will give moderate profit but agriculture can give impairment. Life will drag you into some unavoidable changes at work. There will be family opposition. Wife or mother can have weakness and face problem in health. You will have a change in the style of your work. A special acquaintance will be met. There is the possibility of abdominal pain. Put the leaves of yellow flowers in raw milk and offer it in the root of Peepal tree.

Cancer November 2018 Horoscope –


This month will be a success in the field of education. You will have success in the job. Family members will get good support. Involve yourself in Yoga and take a visit to any religious pilgrimage. Nuptial life will be sweet and happening. Do not help someone in pity. Advised to work with experienced people only. Maintain your working capacity Could face problems in the business and new ventures. The emotional support of the parents in the family will be helpful. Make five swastiks at the Hanuman temple on Tuesday with vermilion.

Leo November 2018 Horoscope –


You can have victory over the opposition, this month. Business can give failure and breakdown. Agricultural work will be normal. Also, there will be promotional advancement or hike in the job. Economic problems will stick for some more days. There will be eye health problems. There will be an opportunity to do some social welfare work. There will be an unimaginable support from the one who is closer to you. Your attitude towards your younger one may be ruthless. Drink coconut water for relief.

Virgo November 2018 Horoscope –


This month, there would be some benefit related to land and agriculture. The business will be good, job will be fine. You can buy a new vehicle. Cooperation from any official department will be received but these officials could raise trouble, later on. Be conscious of health as there is a possibility of chronic cough and eye disease. Fate and prosperity will
help to get success and fame. Your brother will cooperate in adverse situations. People with good governance will get good profit opportunities. Do not be lazy. Feed the cardamom to the eunuchs.

Libra November 2018 Horoscope –


This month will be moderate. Business would go normal and agriculture will benefit marginally. However, you can face some problems in the job. Father could suffer with minute cold and cough. Be alert with your enemies and its even recommended to be little cautious. Social travelling may happen. You would get support from a relative. There will
be some religious reward with social work. In the educational competition, there is a possibility for the desired success. This month, a casual shifting to a hill station in the job may be possibleVisit the summit (shikhar) of the temple and donate the yellow Kesaria flag to needy.

Scorpio November 2018 Horoscope –


The business will be beneficial in some way or other. There will be advancement in the job. However, land and vehicle disputes can occur within family. Travelling to some hill stations will be pleasurable. Looking for a new job will find frustrating results. The expenditure will be high. Due to failure, results can be frustrating. Meet the prestigious people for inner-conscience and mind-satisfaction. There may be expenditure in the means of comfort facilities. Life would be full of surprises in the second half month. Drink lukewarm water for throat infection and uneasiness.

Sagittarius November 2018 Horoscope –


This month will be beneficial in the state functions. Happiness is knocking at your doorsteps and. Relations with relatives will be favourable. The business will be good. Agriculture will give moderate fruit. There will be advancement in the job. Health will be weak for first half. Investment and profitability in the job are expected. Time to show your hidden talents. Speak openly about any kind of complaints from relatives. Make distance from bad people and surroundings. Drink half a cup of bowled milk without sugar or crude paneer 50 grams every Friday.

Capricorn November 2018 Horoscope –


The business will be good and up to the mark. There will be a promotion in the job and increment in the salary. Land and vehicle disputes can occur among the family members. Some clashes may occur on land and more topics. Travel will be pleasurable. Complete all the tasks and office work on time. This time you can achieve success. There may be some tension in the middle of the month but after that everything is likely to be in favour. In the employment sector, the benefits from some of the related relatives can be seen. Be cautious about the health of your spouse. Eat whole moong beans in moong dal or vegetable.

Aquarius November 2018 Horoscope –


You would get immense happiness from your child at home. The business will be profitable and grow according to you. Agriculture will benefit you in some way. Officers and seniors in the job will be happy from your hard work. Some distant relatives will interfere in your personal life, note it. During travelling, take care of your belongings to avoid the losses. You may have to travel suddenly. Those who wish to have new jobs and going abroad will get the desired results. Have to take care of father’s health. It would be appropriate to take out some time for yourself. Do not sound lazy. Eat Moong Pudding (moong ka halwa).

Pisces November 2018 Horoscope –


At work, a promotion is confirmed this month. The agricultural farm would generate income. The business at your end will be good and yield profits. Get a help from Government employees which would benefit you in future. Will also get financial pleasure and special benefits in travelling. Instead of being discouraged, proceed with confidence. Avoid irregularities and keep employees in control. Will succeed in removing disruptions from hard work and integrity at the organisation. Take care of your health. A proper support of the spouse will be received. Donate white sweets to a blind person or a deaf man.

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