Onam Festival Kerala – Ten day festival is no less than a big celebration

Life becomes A Festival when splendour and culture mingle. Onam delivers the message of both. Famous Onam festival is a one of the popular state celebrations of Kerala. Onam festival is ten-day festival which is no less than a majestic and big celebration. Onam Festival will begin by 1st September and end up by 13th September in 2019, lasts long for ten-days. The first day- Atham and the tenth day –Thiruonam are the most significant days among all. Observed in the month of Chingham (August-September) as stated in Malayalam Calendar (Kollavarsham) and is the biggest Kerala Festival.

Onam Festival Kerala – A Grand Celebration to honour The famous-King of Kerala- MAHABALI

This Kerala festival marks the beginning of the harvest festival with ample gaiety and liveliness. Celebrated in a memory of The Great- King- Mahabali who sacrificed his life for the sake of the people in South- India (especially Kerala). This notable Kerala Festival is a blend of beautiful possessions on chariots, imposing onam pookalam, delicious onam sadya, eye-catching Kaikottikali dance along with exhilarating boat races and jollifications on eminent onam songs.

Being the most momentous grandeur of the Malayalis folks, it is relished by singing very popular Onam songs. Here are some of the famous Onam songs.onam colours

Onam Festival Kerala – The lists of Malayalis amusing Onam Songs, which have been chartbusters, are here:

  • Onathumbi onathumbi’
  • Poovili poovili ponnonamayi’
  • Maveli Thampuraan – Ashtabandham Onappoove’
  • Onapattin Thalam Thullum
  • Thiruvona Pularithan – Thiruvonam
  • Onam Vanne – Velluvili
  • Vembanaattu Kaayalinnu – Randu Lokam
  • Kannanthali Muttam – Njanonnu Parayatte
  • Maveli Nadu Vaneedum – Mahabali
  • Thiruvaavaniraavu – Jacobinte Swargarajyam

Onam Festival Kerala – Onam Sadya: A proper feast of 25-30 dishes, served on a Banana Leaf

It is said that the crop fair of India- Onam Festival is renowned for its fingerlicious Onam Sadya-a sumptuous vegetarian meal, one of the striking features of this Kerala Festival. In Malayalam, Sadhya means ‘banquet’ contains at the minimum- 30 special delicacies on a Banana Leaf, including-foods on onam

  • Kerala red rice
  • Kerala Matta (semi-polished parboiled brown)
  • Sambar
  • Rasam (A liquid dish made of tamarind)
  • Avial (Thick vegetables with curry leaves)
  • Parippu (thick curry lentil dish eaten with rice, papadum and ghee)
  • Olan (light dish of coconut oil & white-gourd)
  • Kaalan (yogurt & vegetable mixed soup)
  • Erissery (A curry made from pumpkin and coconut)
  • Koottukari (Banana & chickpeas dish)
  • Khichadi
  • Pachadi (A sweet form of Kichadi)
  • Injipuli (Sweet pickle)
  • Pulisseri (A thick curry made with yogurt and cucumber)
  • Thoran (Mix-veg)
  • Kaaya Varuthathu (Banana Chips)
  • Pappadam (Papad)
  • Achaar (Spicy pickles)
  • Sharkara Upperi (Jaggery chips)
  • Sambharam (A drink to improve digestion)
  • Prathaman (similiar to Payasam)
  • Betel Leaves (Paan)
  • A ripe Banana and many more.

These mouth-watering cuisines and appetizers throw together a perfect magnificence and add a flicker to the celebration. Malayalis and Keralites sound full of beans for this peculiar traditional nosh after a long wait.

Onam Festival is embellished with flower-patterned different Rangolis, known as Onam Pookalams. One of a kind Kerala Festival has a striking Snake boats carnival-Vallam Kali, a very attractive Tiger Dance- Pulikali, and an incredible dance called Atthachamayam which bring the state of happiness and great delight.

Thousands of enthusiasts participate in this fun-filled festivity and throng in small groups for the celebration. Be a part of Onam Festival this year and enjoy at Mahabali’s Vicinity. Plan a trip to Kerala Festival and get a FREE itinerary from Rgyan on Onam Festival. Hurry up and get the authentic details for the visit to God’s own country.

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Wish you all a Happy Onam and a cheerful Malyalam New Year…!!!!



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