Pitra Dosh: Effects of Pitra Dosh in Kundli Milan and its Remedies

Pitra Dosh is the suffering caused to the descendants due to the ancestors. If the shraddha of the ancestors has not been performed by proper rituals. Then the soul of our ancestors does not attain peace. Or due to the bad deeds of any of the ancestors the family got cursed and the next generation has to suffer that curse.

Pitra Dosh can be determined by your birth horoscope. If there is one of the two planets Rahu-Ketu along with the Sun or Moon in your horoscope; then it is called Pitra Dosh. This Dosh can occur up to the 7th generation.

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Effects of Pitra Dosh

A person who has Pitra Dosh in his horoscope has to face many problems. Some of them are listed below-

  1. You may have to face many diseases. Often someone in the house is ill.
  2. Always bickering in the children of the house.
  3. Delay in the birth of children.
  4. No profit in business, borrowings are very high.
  5. Money gets drowned in borrowing or gets wasted.
  6. There are quarrel, estrangement, and mental troubles in the family.
  7. There are problems with getting married and also in married life.

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Remedies for Pitra Dosh

If a person has Pitra Dosh in his horoscope, then some simple steps given below are very important to overcome this dosh.

  1. Shraddha and Tarpan is the best way to get rid of this Dosh.
  2. You should put a photo of his late relatives on the south wall of the house and put a necklace on it and praise him daily. By getting blessings from them, one gets freedom from this Dosh.
  3. Read the Gajendra Moksha chapter of Srimad Bhagwat in the house.
  4. Offer milk on peepal on every Chaturdashi (one day before Amavasya and Poornima).
  5. Bring one and quarter kilograms of rice, take a handful of rice seven times daily and put it in the root of the peepal. Do these 41 consecutive days.
  6. Donate to the temple or to Brahmins for their deceased relatives.
  7. Feed black dogs big with urad flour every Saturday.
  8. Worshiping the presiding deity and the deity daily also reduces the dosh.
  9. Helping poor students in the name of fathers and constructing hospitals, temples, schools, Dharamshala, etc. in the name of deceased family members is also very beneficial.

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If you have Pitra Dosh and you want to prevent it, then you should tell us by commenting in the comment box below. So that we can tell you its solution.



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