Poor and not eligible for Snapchat? Well, they don’t know how rich India is!

Evan Spiegel – The Ceo of the very famous app Snapchat, has created a big turmoil in India after his ridiculous statement. He said; “This app is only for rich people… I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.” Well! That is an insult for India for sure but then let’s not keep quite and show them what the actual riches are.

Shout out loud and tell them the wealth we have, which they can never afford!

The extremely rich culture

Riches of India

The versatility of culture and lifestyle in the 29 different states of India is amusing. The variety in clothes, attire, food habits, language, religion and much more is commendable and confusing as well. The Indian culture since ancient ages, till now has always been unique and attractive.

Treat guests as Gods

The richness of Hindu temples

Riches of India

Hindu temples are a store home of huge amounts of wealth. The money generated by donations of people and the ancient wealth hidden inside the temple chambers are out of imagination.

The richest temples of India

Incredible Facts About Unique Temples In INDIA

The religious and spiritual takeaways

Riches of India

The most unique and precious possession of India is what our ancestors have given us. Deep secrets and miracles are still hidden. These secrets are so powerful that if practiced properly can bring wonders and India would be the only one standing upright.

The supernatural practices of Tantric Vidhya are one among all. Magic does exist and happens in many places in India. The belief in God and the rituals and traditions followed have many strong scientific reasons associated. If you want to know them in detail then Read Unbelievable science behind Hindu rituals.

Temples In India Practicing Tantric Vidhya

The religious texts

Riches of India

The religious texts written by ancient intellectuals are fine pieces. The knowledge and the values they impart can make a human live flawlessly. They are the textual path to attain salvation.

Duties of husband and wife according to Atharva Veda

The Metal wealth

Riches of India

India is extremely fertile is terms of metal and fuel. Starting from high-quality coal, oil, petroleum, diamond and much more are produced more in India. If you forgot, the costliest diamond ever – Kohinoor is an authentic product of India.

Authentic food

Riches of India

The spices of India were once used as money for the exchange of Gold. People crave for these products and sometimes think them to be magical. The vast variety of recipes of different cultures of India can never be compared with any other cuisine. They have been taking the limelight since ages and forever will!

Festivals Of India

Riches of India

The Indian festivals are the ones which have been amusing everyone since ages. Some of the major and the most famous ones like Holi and Diwali are celebrated worldwide. The positive energies which come from these big and small festivals are immense.


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