Ram Avatar – 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu

The 10 major incarnations of God in 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are Matsya Avatar, Kurma Avatar, Varaha Avatar, Narasimha Avatar, Vamana Avatar, Parashurama Avatar, Rama Avatar, Krishna Avatar, Buddha Avatar, and Kalki Avatar. We have told you about six of them. Ram avatar is the seventh major incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In this incarnation, Lord Vishnu gave a message to all the people to live in friendship and dignity. In Rama avatar, Lord Rama was known as Maryada Purushottam.

Ram Avatar
Affilation7th Avatar of Vishnu
YugaTreta Yuga
JayantiChaitra Shukla Paksha Navami
FestivalRama Navami Rama Ekadashi, Vivah Panchami, Deepawali & Dusshera
WeaponSudarshana Chakra & Kaumodaki

Birth Story of Lord Rama

Kosala was being run by Dasharatha who belonged to the Ishvaku dynasty. He had three wives. Kaushalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi. With the help of sage Rishyasringa, Dasharatha performed two Yagya, Ashwamedha and Putrakameshti. Agni sprang out from the Yagya-Kunda During Yagya and handed out Dasharatha a pot of the Kheer. Dasharatha was advised by Agni to distribute the kheer equally among the three wives to get blessed with sons.
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Story Behind Ram Avatar of Vishnu

ram avtar

Lord Rama was born to Kausalya, Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata and to Sumitra, the twin Lakshman and Shatrughna were born. Rama was the eldest son and Bharata was the second eldest. Rama was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu and he incarnated in the Treta Yug to end all evil.

Why Lord Rama sent to exile for 14 years

When Ram Avatar attained the age to be crowned king, Manthara, a servant maid brainwashed Kaikeyi that Bharata should be the king and not Rama. After repeated attempts at manipulating Kaikeyi, Manthara finally succeeded. Kaikeyi went to Dasharatha and very slyly reminded him of the boon he had promised her. When Dasharatha asked what did her heart desire, she said that she wanted her son, Bharata to be crowned as the King of Ayodhya and that Rama should be sent on an exile of fourteen years.

Lord Rama sent to exile

On hearing this, Dasaratha was spellbound but as he had promised Kaikeyi, he could not refuse to not do as she wished. At last, Dasharatha asked Ram to leave for his exile. Rama at once obeyed his father’s order and him along with Sita and Lakshman left for their fourteen-year long exile.
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When these events took place, Bharata was away and thus was unaware of all that happened while he was gone. After coming back he was grief-stricken and angered by his mother’s evil deed. He reproached her and wished she was dead. 

Lord Rama At the exile

Rama, on the other hand, was camping in Chitrakoot and was leading a simple life. But later, they moved to Panchavati as suggested by Agasthya. Shurpanakha the sister of Ravana of Lanka had this area occupied along with her other two brothers Kara and Dooshana and 14,000 followers. One day Shurpanakha by chance happened to pass by the hermitage where Rama was staying. She was stunned by seeing these three beautiful human beings. She wanted to marry Ram Avatar. Rama refused to entertain Shurpanakha. This made her furious and she wanted to devour Sita. Lakshman cut off her nose and ear as he tried to protect Sita. Shurpanakha was so angry, she went straight to her brother Ravana reported the matter to him.
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Maricha the golden deer

Shurpanakha also informed Ravana about this ethereal beauty, Sita. Ravana decided to make her his wife and also fight Rama. Ravana asked Maaricha to take the form of an attractive deer and graze near the parnasala of Rama. Maaricha as told by Ravana took the shape of a golden deer and on seeing the beautiful deer, Sita wanted Rama to get it for her to play.

Rama, to make his wife’s wish come true went behind the deer and asked Lakshman to look after her while he was away. As Rama left, Sita and Lakshman heard Ram call out their names in agony. Sita was so terrified by this, thinking Rama was in danger. She asked Lakshman to go look for Rama. Lakshman did not want to leave Sita alone. However, Sita insisted that he should go find his brother and that she would be fine.
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Sita’s abduction and Lakshman Rekha

Before leaving, Lakshman drew a line on the porch and asked Sita to not cross it at any cost. Sita thus agreed. After they were both gone, came a mendicant to ask for alms. Sita was compassionate and therefore she could not turn him away and offered the mendicant what she had. As soon as she crossed the line drawn by Lakshman, the mendicant revealed himself as Ravana and took her by her waist and abducted her on his vimana.
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Ravana cuts off Jatayu’s wing while abducting Sita

Ravana cuts off Jatayu's wing while abducting Sita

As Sita was being taken away to Lanka, Jatayu, the eagle king saw them and tried to stop Ravana, but Ravana cut his wings off and he fell to the ground. When Rama and Lakshman returned to the hut, they were shocked to see Sita gone. Jatayu held on to his last breath and after telling them about Sita’s abduction, he died.
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The Search For Sita

The series of a vigorous search began. Both Rama and Lakshman, at last, came to Rishyamukha mountain, as told by Kabanda, a headless rakshasa. He had told them to meet Sugreeva who alone would be able to help Rama to rescue Sita. Hanuman when he heard their story said in turn that his King Sugreeva too was in the same predicament, as he too had lost his wife and was turned out of the kingdom by his brother, therefore, he was sure that Sugreeva would be of use in finding Sita. Sugreeva thus took the vow of friendship. 

Sugreeva promised to help Rama and Rama in return promised to make him the King of Kishkinda and also retrieve his wife. Ram Avtar killed Vali as promised and Sugreeva was made the king of Kishkinda.
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Sugreeva on his part sent four batches of Vaanaras towards east, west, north, and the south and strictly ordered them that their search for Sita should be completed in a month. All three directions were fruitless in terms of finding Sita. However, towards the South, an eagle named Sampaathi informed the Vaanaras that Sita was in Lanka, at Ashoka Vana. And if one needed to rescue her, one must cross the ocean. But now the question remained how do they cross the ocean. 

Soon after, the Vaanaras army made a bridge out of big rocks with Shri Ram written on them. The rocks floated on the water and thus all of them could cross the sea and reach Lanka. 

In Lanka, a huge battle broke out between both the parties. Rama killed Ravana and made Vibhishana the king of Lanka. Thus, Sita was rescued and brought back.

Why does Vishnu take the incarnation of Rama

There are many mysterious reasons for the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Ram Avatar. However, Lord Shiva and many others describe in detail.

  • To end the chaos created by the Rakshasas (devils).
  • How to be a obedient son.
  • Torturing of innocent.
  • How to be a great Ruler.
  • To establish righteous.
  • To protect the dignity of the Vedas.How to love all and receive love from all.
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