Sagittarius Career: Top 10 suitable Professions for Sagittarius

Sagittarius, Your time is coming and You would have to put in a great deal of extra effort into anything concerned with your education and career.

Sagittarians’ are: Magnanimous, honest, expansive, generous, reckless, extroverted and proud sometimes. Their Ruling planet is: Jupiter and the Career Planets are: Mercury and Venus.

Sagittarians are way spontaneous and can handle any level of excitement. Your exhilaration for career will assuredly bring you to the right track within some days. You are on a thunder-ride to achieve your most-loved career, so it’s the favourable countdown to take an initiative towards success and good luck.


We are helping you with some career options, hence; plan your day-job, today itself as per your traits and characteristics. Here we are stating 10 different occupations for your better tomorrow:

  1. Animal Trainer
  2. Interpreter
  3. Teacher/ Tutor
  4. College Professor/Assistant-Professor
  5. Astrologer/Pundits/Predictors
  6. Sales and Marketing
  7. Desk Clerk/Front- Office
  8. Railway Officer
  9. Entertainer
  10. Travel-Agent

Energize your inner- vigor and let the world know your hidden- zest. Work hard, harder, and hardest to achieve your desired goals. In this case, Your Actions would work better than your words.

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