Shani Puja on Amavasya

On the presence of no moon on a Saturday it is known as Shaneshchari Amavasya. This is a very important muhrat or time according to the Hindus. It is considered as the most auspicious and sacred day to get rid of black magic related problems, pitra, dosha, evil eye etc.

Lord Shani Puja

Celebrated on the Chaturthi Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapad, Kusha Grahini Amavasya or Kushoptatini Amavasya is a two-day festival where people worship Lord Shiva and Lord Shani. The first-day celebration is also known as Choti Dagyali, and the second is Badi Dagyali. The first day is also known as Aghora Chaturdashi where people worship Lord Shiva to gain great wealth and luck. All the people facing negative supernatural issues follow a particular procedure or set of rituals for Lord Shani to get rid of it. Along with Lord Shiva and Shani, worshipping and offering food to our ancestors is a must.

People fear Shani Dev a lot since he is considered to be the Devta who punishes an individual considering his past life actions. In the Graha Shastra Shani Dosha is a major concern for many and hence people hate having the Shani Graha ruling period. For sure he is the God who invents and gives punishments, but on praying him, we can attain eternal bliss and get rid of all our doshas. This sacred day of Shani Amavasya is the perfect time to confess in front of Lord Shani all your sins and ask him to pardon you.

Lord Shani Puja

Procedure to pray Lord Shani

• Offer black teel seeds, black muslin cloth, castor oil, black channa, and iron nails.
• Offer Blue flowers and Bhoga.
• Chant the Shani Deva sloka for 11,000 times “OM PRAM PRIM PROM SAH SHANAYE NAMAH”
• All the things worshiped should be distributed among the poor.
• Feed a black dog
It is said that this day many people doing negative practices also get powerful. So, we should take care not to get affected by the negative vibes. Certain people or stages in which one should avoid going out on this particular day are
• A person having graham in his horoscope.
• A lady who is pregnant.
• A person who’s gan is Rakshash.
• A person having very weak planetary powers.

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