Goddess Siddhidatri: The 9th Form of NavaDurga

Goddess Siddhidatri is the ninth form of Goddess Durga (NavaDurga) & worshipped on the 9th day of Navratri. She is the original form of Maa Parvati. Maa Siddhidatri has four hands holding a discus, conch shell, trident, and mace, sitting on a fully bloomed lotus or a lion.

Goddess Siddhidatri
Goddess Siddhidatri
Provider of Supernatural Powers or Siddhis (Goddess of Ashta Siddhi)
Affiliation 9th Form of NavaDurga
Worship Day 9th Day of Navratri
Planet Ketu
Weapon Gada, Chakra, Shankh
Ride Lion
Mantra Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah
(ॐ देवी सिद्धिदात्र्यै नमः॥)

The Goddess possesses eight supernatural powers, or the siddhis, known as AshtaShiddhi. They are Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakambya, Ishitva, and Vashitva. Lord Shiva was blessed by Siddhidatri by being given all eight powers.

AshtaShiddhi Names with meaning

  1. Anima means reducing one’s body to the size of an atom.
  2. Mahima means expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size.
  3. Garima means becoming infinitely heavy.
  4. Laghima means becoming weightless.
  5. Prapti means having omnipresence.
  6. Prakambya achieving whatever one desires.
  7. Ishitva means possessing absolute lordship.
  8. Vashitva means having the power to subjugate all.


Before the creation of the universe, it was full of darkness, and there was no sign of life. Goddess Kushmanda created the universe with the radiance of her smile. Then Maa Kushamnda formulated the Trimurti.

  1. Bramha – The God of Creation
  2. Vishnu – The God of Preservation
  3. Shiva – The God of Destruction

Once they formed, Lord Shiva asked Adishakti to bestow him with perfection. So, Maa Kushmanda created another goddess who bestowed Lord Shiva with 18 kinds of Siddhis. These included the AshtaSiddhi (8 supernatural powers) and ten forms of perfection – described by Lord Krishna. So, she was known as Siddhidatri – the provider of Siddhis.

Lord Bramha had to create the rest of the universe. But he needed a man and a woman to form the life in the universe. Unable to find any solution, Lord Brahma worshipped Goddess Siddhidatri and asked for help. To remove the dilemma of Lord Brahma, the goddess converted half the body of Lord Shiva by herself. Since then, Lord Shiva was called Ardhanarishvara. After seeing Ardhnarishwar from, Lord Brahma understood the difference between man & woman. Hence he was able to create life on the earth.

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Siddhidatri Puja

Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped on the 9th day of Navratri. Depending on starting time of Navami Tithi on the previous day Maha Navami Puja and Upavas might be done on Maha Ashtami. While performing this Havan, one should remember all the forms of Goddess Durga. Pray for happiness and peace with folded hands to Maa Siddhidatri and chant all the shlokas of Durga Saptashati with mantras. After 108 aahuti, give a complete offering. After this, pray for the Navagraha peace and offer water around the Havan-kund. Kanya Puja is performed on this day with a belief that young girls are the replica of Goddess Durga.

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Maa Siddhidatri is immediately pleased with her devotees; and achieves religion, meaning, work, and salvation in her world. On the 9th day of Navratri, devotees should put all their attention towards the Nirvana cycle. This chakra is located in the middle of our skull. By doing so, the devotees receive the power present in their Nirvana Chakra by the grace of mother Siddhidatri.

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Facts about Siddhidatri Devi

  • Origin: At the beginning of the universe, Lord Rudra worshipped the unmanifest form of the Mother Goddess, Adi Parashakti for creation. As Adi Parashakti, the Mother Goddess was pure energy and had no form. She thus appeared in the form of Siddhidatri from the left half of Shiva.
  • Meaning: Siddhi means supernatural power or the ability to achieve a sense of the ultimate source of creation and existence and Dhatri means the giver.
  • Worship Date: 9th day of Navratri (Maha Navami)
  • Planet: Ketu
  • Favorite Flower: Champa
  • Siddhidatri Color: Peacock Green
  • Siddhidatri Mantra: Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah (ॐ देवी सिद्धिदात्र्यै नमः॥)
  • Ride: Loin
  • Weapon: Gada, Chakra, Shankh
  • Appearance: Goddess Siddhidatri sits on Kamal and rides on the lion. She is depicted with four hands. The Goddess has Gada in the one right hand, Chakra in the other right hand, lotus flower in the left hand and Shankh in the other left hand.


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